Alex Adekola

Alex Adekola is a thought leader in the reputation management industry who has targeted mugshot publishers since 2012. Alex Adekola is the longest-serving reputation and crisis management strategist and has written a book on mugshot removal. He is the creator and director of strategy at and Incept Technologies, LLC.

Links For Mugshot Removal

Our do-it-yourself mugshot removal solution has been great for those looking to remove mugshots without giving money to the same companies that are publishing the mugshots. It is also a very affordable solution compared to companies like internet reputation that want to charge thousands of dollars to remove mugshots and will even exaggerate the situation

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How 2016 is poised to be the data age. Be Mindful of your data.

Many internet users are completely unaware of the data being collected on them both online and offline. Only when such data is harmful or embarrassing does it become a concern for those who are being routinely commoditized by the websites they visit, the stores they’re at, and the governments they elect. Has anyone once taken

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6 New Year Resolutions To Look Good Online in 2016

Remove any mugshots that you still have online. You can buy our download that shows you how or have one of our reputation management specialists remove them for you. You don’t want to start 2016 losing out on opportunities. Update the most important social media profiles you have. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Prospective employers or

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FBI looking at mugshot sites

The FBI is looking at mugshot websites

The IC3 is tracking cybercrime trends. The IC3 is receiving hundreds of complaints from internet users. Removal processes that require court documents or personal information place users at risk for identity theft. After receiving numerous complaints regarding mugshot websites that publish incorrect or non-public information the FBI and their Internet Crime Complaint division is asking

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Pinellas County Sheriff Hides Mugshots

Thursday January 9, 2014 the new year started off with another blow to mugshot website publishers. The Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri announced that today booking photos will no longer be online. Names, addresses and pending charges will still be available online. This is a direct response to mugshot profiteers ?I think it is extortion,?

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How To Delete A Mugshot From The Internet

Do you want to remove your mugshot from Google? Contact the Mugshot Removal Experts at (813-421-8334). Even if your arrest record has been sealed or expunged, your mugshot and the details of your arrest will likely be searchable on the Internet. If you’re wondering how to remove your mugshots and restore your online reputation, this

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