Crime and Justice

Crime and Justice are two important topics in our modern society. Individuals can be charged with a crime and never convicted. Their charges could be dropped. They could have pre-trial intervention, plead no contest, or have their arrest records sealed and expunged. the posting of mugshots as public phots on various websites has become a problem.

Montgomery County Sheriff Removes Mugshot Gallery

CLARKSVILLE TN – On a Monday afternoon, the mugshots on the public booking list were suddenly removed. They were replaced by a statement from Montgomery County Sherriff John Fuson. Many speculated about the reason for the change. “In October 2022 I appointed a new Public Information Officer. Since then, we’ve begun making changes to the …

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North Carolina Justice Reform With The Second Chance Act

FIRST If you are found not guilty, or the charge has been dismissed, you don’t have to hire an attorney to get an expungement. You get it automatically. This is more important than it seems. I was a prosecutor prior to joining the state Senate. Every day, people would come into my courtroom after being …

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Colorado Mugshot Removal Service

Remove Colorado Arrest Records Online Are you looking to remove your Colorado arrest records online? It’s now possible with the help of mugshot removal services. Mugshots can be embarrassing and damaging, which is why removing them from the web is so important. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that specialize in removing Colorado arrest …

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How To Expunge A Criminal Record

A criminal record can have serious consequences, even if you are not arrested or convicted. A record can affect employment, rental applications, and credit. However, most states offer a process for being removed from a criminal record. After a certain amount of time, some states may allow a criminal arrest record to be removed. The …

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The Basics Of Getting Your Record Expunged.

A status of “expunged” means that the law or court deems the record as complete and nullified, prior offenses are not counted. Acquiring an expungement helps people with an arrest record keep that information private. A legal process used in correcting records can be life-changing for someone with a past conviction or arrest record. Someone …

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California Mugshot Removal

California has taken a pretty powerful stance to protect against mugshot removal websites. The California attorney general Becerra has indicted four men in association with running and UnpublishArrests. The charges include money laundering, extortion, and identity theft. The California DA characterized it as a company permeated with fraud, with the site owners organizing businesses …

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Owners of Arrested

Well, karma has finally caught up with the owners of Charges were filed against them in the state of California. These charges include cyber extortion, money laundering, and identity theft. The site owners were residents of the shady state of Florida. The investigation was conducted by the Northern California Computer Crimes task force and …

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Actions To Take Against Mugshot Websites

If you have been a victim of a mugshot website, or you simply don’t agree with mugshot extortion websites here are four things you can do today to help put an end to the practice. 1 File a complaint with your state’s attorney general. Filing a complaint with your state attorney puts on record the …

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Keep Your Mugshot From Getting On The Internet

On the internet, your mugshots can stay online indefinitely if action to remove them is not taken. Even if your records are sealed or expunged, your mugshot can still appear online. The best way to keep an unwanted mugshot off the internet would be to avoid getting arrested. Sometimes we can’t help but be in …

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