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Most likely you have Googled someone, but we never think about our search results until they matter. Managing search results for your name is a simple and easy process that must be done consistently in order to be most effective.

Search results impact our opportunities and shape opinions, in the digital age it is important to know to shape our online reputation

We look forward to empowering you with the tools & skills needed to control your search across multiple verticals.

As a victim of mugshot extortion who had an image published on the now-defunct website We know first hand the irritation and humiliation that occurs when a booking photo appears online.

We are the ONLY removal website that DOES NOT publish mugshots on the internet. The other site will “Erase your mugshot”  and publish it on another bail bond site. 

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Other sites will publish your mugshots on other sites then charge you again to remove the images. That’s how they make the most they can from you and guarantee that your image will be removed instantly.

Reputation Management for Everyone

We will show you how to remove the images from 90% of searches and remove it from the filmstrip in Google.

With the arrest of the owners, it’s only a matter of time before additional mugshot publishers get arrested.

Reputation management is commonly used by small, medium to large businesses in order to sanitize their search results. It is generally part of a larger marketing campaign and is a trade relatively unknown outside of the internet marketing industry.

Our solution is low-cost, permanent, and will work against future negative information.

We show you exactly where to request de-indexing from Google, Bing, and Yahoo in order to have the images removed from search results in a process commonly referred to as de-indexing. We show you which sites will outrank Google and how to optimize the web properties you build. These are all easy steps that only require your time and consistency.

SEO is Reputation Management

Reputation Management is the process of controlling your search. By suppressing the content and creating the information that appears online in a search for your name you can permanently prevent mugshots, new stories, or bad reviews from showing up in a search for your name or business. SEO or search engine optimization is another form of reputation management/marketing. SEO can be a form of personal branding. What appears in a Google search for your name is your brand?

Mugshot Removal in the News

You can get your MUGSHOT REMOVED from the internet!

Removing a mugshot from the internet is becoming easier and easier. The arrest of’s owners on extortion charges finally sent a clear message to online mugshot publishers who charge a fee.

Many websites updated their removal terms. More and more states across the nation are passing laws against the publishing of mugshots for a removal fee. This can protect you from having to pay anything at all. If

Get your online mugshot removed and avoid scams.

Unfortunately, there are still websites that may not comply with the law or operate outside a jurisdiction where the law can be enforced. There are also some areas where no laws exist yet but you can still get your mugshot removed from sites if you have had your record expunged.

If you need to remove a mugshot from the search results we can help you. We do not remove images directly and caution against paying any company or website to remove a mugshot. Instead, we encourage you to learn how to easily control what appears in an online search for your name.

Easily Control Your Google, Bing, and Yahoo Results Permanently Over Time

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Remove, Delete or Hide Mugshots Appearing In Your Search Results.
Remove Mugshots from: DUI Arrest Photos, DWSR Arrest Photos, Theft Booking Photos.
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County Jail Booking Photos?In Any State…Florida, Georgia, Texas…

Free Mugshot Removal is also possible and we encourage those looking for a quick solution to read our blog and see what laws or websites will remove your mugshot for no cost.

Florida residents should review our post for detailed information on Florida Mugshot Removal Laws.