Remove Mugshots, Criminal Arrest Records, and Booking Information From Online Searches.

Remove Harmful Content Online Quickly

RMM has a proven track record of removing damaging content like mugshots from search results quickly. We can remove content like arrest records, court dockets, and online personal information on data aggregators or people search websites.

Remove Arrest Records, Police Blotter Articles, and News Stories

from websites like BustedNewspaper,,, and more. We work quickly to remove mugshots and law enforcement arrest records related to DWLSR, OWI, DUI, assault, theft, animal cruelty, domestic violence, and other criminal charges regardless of the case outcome. We provide the best mugshot removal service to erase mugshots after an unexpected arrest that generates judicial information online. We can quickly remove booking photos from Google.  Our mugshot removal services are unparalleled in the depth and scope of content removal and suppression.

Image Removal Analysis

Charlie Marsh

Alex and his staff were able to push a Georgia Gazeete mugshot from the first pages of Google after the owner refused to remove the image per Georgia Law.

Charlie Marsh November 13, 2023
Jake Acosta

This company truly assists people in regaining control of their lives, as they promptly removed my mugshots from Google. Their dedication to client service sets them apart.

Jake Acosta November 13, 2023
Josh Berry

The communication and people skills were perfect!! Now my mugshot has been erased form Google.

Josh Berry November 8, 2023
Anika Cooper

The outcome of my husbands hard work was about to diminished by a mugshot that appeared after he was falsely accused of theft

Anika Cooper November 6, 2023
Natalee Curtis

As my wedding day neared, I aimed to make sure my online image looked great for our guests.Unfortunately their was a mugshot from a public intoxication arrest that they removed from BustedNewspaper and Facebook..

Natalee Curtis November 3, 2023
Cory Stein

Grateful for their assistance, they helped me remove an mugshot published by Radaris which I was afraid would impact my family law case

Cory Stein October 20, 2023
Louis Scott

They worked tirelessly to clean up my online image for my local office campaign. They successfully removed my outdated mugshot, allowing me to concentrate on serving my community and family without any distractions or negativity.

Louis Scott October 18, 2023
William Sharp

They helped me remove an old mugshot for the right price!! Happy with the outcome.

William Sharp October 16, 2023
Robert Marshall

I was dreading our family reunion because my old mugshot was visible to everyone online. Their quick and efficient service ensured that I could attend the event with confidence, knowing that my past was no longer on display. It was a fantastic reunion thanks to the skill and expertise of their staff and people.

Robert Marshall October 12, 2023
Davis Harrell

What a relief! Thanks to ther service and attention they were able to remove my embarrassing mugshot from the internet right before my a job interview. The process was quick and hassle-free, and I'm walking into that interview with newfound confidence.

Davis Harrell October 10, 2023
Willie Gonzales

My previous online reputation was tarnished by negative information that was publicly available on websites. This negatively impacted my professional opportunities and personal relationships. Fortunately, I discovered their services. They successfully eliminated the damaging content from these websites and greatly enhanced my digital presence. The peace of mind I now enjoy is truly unmatched!

Willie Gonzales September 12, 2023
Joseph Wilson

I discovered my mugshot on search engines like Bing and Yahoo, causing many personal and professional issues. They were thorough and diligent in helping me remove this information. Their commitment to their clients is truly commendable. I can now move forward without that unnecessary burden.

Joseph Wilson September 1, 2023
Liam Jones

I was extremely worried when I found my mugshot on Twitter. Not only was it affecting my relationships but it also damaged my standing in society. I turned to them and they have done an amazing job! They've helped me regain my privacy and confidence. Highly recommended!

Liam Jones August 28, 2023
Elijah Jones

When your past mistakes get shown to everyone, it can really hurt your business. When I saw my mugshot on a bunch of other websites, I felt like everything was going downhill. Luckily, they came to the rescue. They quickly got rid of my mugshots, giving my business the chance to do well. What they did is incredibly valuable!

Elijah Jones August 14, 2023
Edward Davis

The team at Removemymugshot genuinely cares about helping their clients. Their services are more effective than any attorney I've consulted. Thanks to them, my mugshots are gone from Bing and Yahoo. Their contribution to restoring my reputation has been invaluable.

Edward Davis August 11, 2023
Ethan Anderson

As someone who has worked hard to turn my life around, it was devastating to see my old mugshot popping up on Facebook and causing issues with my housing application. They were quick, professional, and ensured my information was removed. It’s a breath of fresh air not having that cloud hanging over me anymore.

Ethan Anderson August 9, 2023
Patrick Hayes

After many sleepless nights, I stumbled upon them. Their services go beyond what most attorneys offer and focus on reputation management, a critical need in this digital age. My mugshots are no longer in search results, and I couldn't be happier.

Patrick Hayes August 7, 2023
Jerry Foster

They are a lifesaver! I was having a hard time finding employment due to my past arrest records being so readily available on Google. After using their services, I saw immediate changes. I'm relieved to see that my past mistakes aren't the first thing potential employers see about me anymore. Couldn't be happier!

Jerry Foster August 3, 2023
Luca Palmer

Their attention to detail during the removal process was outstanding. They efficiently eliminated multiple booking photos and removed my name from various websites and search engines, exceeding my expectations. Their service was both efficient and discreet, and I am incredibly pleased with the outstanding results achieved.

Luca Palmer July 21, 2023
Matthew Perry

Alex and his team successfully assisted me in recovering from a domestic violence incident. They swiftly erased online arrest records, leaving no evidence of that unfortunate period. Their team's compassion and understanding were remarkable, and their service was exceptional.

Matthew Perry July 17, 2023
Zac Stevens

As an individual who made a mistake in the past, RemovedMyMugshot was a godsend. Not only have they deleted arrest records, but they have also managed to remove any traces of my past from social media. Now, I'm able to focus on the future without any embarrassing mugshot lurking online.

Zac Stevens July 12, 2023
Cyrus Riggs

After a regrettable incident years ago, my mugshot appeared online from a data broker website called Radaris. I felt like my past was always catching up with me. Until I found Alex’s company, their mugshot removal service is fantastic, and they work discreetly to ensure the whole process is hassle-free. I can now confidently go on with my life, knowing my past mistakes won't resurface.

Cyrus Riggs July 12, 2023
Brice Robbins

They are a lifesaver! I'm a private individual and having my booking information plastered all over the internet was a nightmare. Their mugshot removal service is quick, efficient, and most importantly, effective. They've given me back my peace of mind.

Brice Robbins July 10, 2023
Alan Diaz

In a world where our digital reputation is crucial, having a company like RemoveMyMugshot is invaluable. They did exactly what they said they would - deleted arrest records, and took my mugshot off the web. Their team was thorough, effective, and fast. I wholeheartedly recommend their services!

Alan Diaz July 7, 2023
Harry Chambers

I was terrified when my assault case went public, and my mugshot was all over the internet. Thanks to them, my nightmare ended quickly. They were professional, understanding, and best of all - they deleted my HCSO arrest record promptly. It feels great to finally have control over my personal information again.

Harry Chambers July 5, 2023
Erika Rollins

The service is really good. I had an old DWLSR from Arizona that kept appearing online, and it was affecting my personal and work life. This group not only got rid of that annoying mugshot but also made sure my name was no longer shown on different search engines. Now I can relax knowing that my past isn't troubling me on the internet.

Erika Rollins July 3, 2023
Timothy Ortiz

I had a DUI in Wake County a few years ago that was hampering my job prospects due to the presence of my mugshot online. They came to my rescue. They successfully deleted arrest records and ensured my online image is now clean. They also ensured my mugshot was de-indexed from Google and Bing. I am truly grateful for their professional and effective service.

Timothy Ortiz June 26, 2023
Joel Bradley

I was skeptical at first about using RemoveMyMugshot, but I must say that their content removal service is worth every penny! The team worked swiftly and professionally to delete my arrest records online and from search results. Now, I no longer worry about prospective employers stumbling upon that information during a Google search.

Joel Bradley June 9, 2023
Edward Davidson

I was constantly worried about my mugshot popping up in a Google search, but their mugshot removal services gave me peace of mind. They deleted my arrest records from the internet.

Edward Davidson April 27, 2023
Evan Jones

I was so ashamed of my arrest record, the team at RMM were able to remove my mugshot from all the major search engines. They are the best in handling Deleted Arrest Records.

Evan Jones April 26, 2023
Jacob Dean

I was skeptical at first, but they really came through for me. They were able to get my mugshot removed from several different websites, and now I feel so much better knowing that it's not out there for everyone to see. I also didn't have them trying to upsell me on other reputation management services.

Jacob Dean April 25, 2023
Alan Fisher

I had no idea that my mugshot was floating around the internet until I did a quick search. Their removal service helped me regain control of my online presence. The team was professional and prompts in removing my photos from various websites. Highly recommend!

Alan Fisher April 21, 2023
Martin Palmer

RemoveMyMugshot is a lifesaver! My mugshot was affecting my job search. Thanks to them my photo was taken down from multiple sites.

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David Watts

Thanks to RemoveMyMugshot, I'm no longer burdened by my pas mistakes. They deleted my arrest record from the internet.

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Tristian Bolton

I never thought I'd be able to remove my mugshot from the internet, but their team made it possible. They were so helpful and answered all my questions.

Tristian Bolton April 11, 2023
Archie Porter

If you're struggling with a mugshot or other negative information online, don't hesitate to reach out to this company, Their techniques are based on years of experience in SEO and reputation management.

Archie Porter April 10, 2023
Ava Brown

I had a mugshot that was causing me a lot of anxiety, but thanks to RemoveMyMugshot, it's now completely gone from Google search results.

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Olivia Wilson

Their team did a great job. Their experience in deleting arrest records and reputation management is unmatched.

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Ashton Reese

This company is the best in the business. I never thought my arrest record could be removed from the internet, but RemoveMyMugshot made it happen.

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Joe Chapman

I am so grateful for the services that they provided.

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Miguel Levine

I was very impressed with the results I got from their team. They were able to remove my mugshot from the internet.

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Luca Austin

They were able to remove my mugshot from the internet within a few days. I highly recommend their services to anyone online.

Luca Austin March 9, 2023
Robert Suarez

The team at RemoveMyMugshot are amazing!

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Aaron Turner

Erased all of my mug shots.

Aaron Turner February 17, 2023
Dominic Reid

They do what they say.

Dominic Reid February 16, 2023
Lionel Warren

Alex answered all my questions, Thank you.

Lionel Warren February 15, 2023
Kellen Rice

After a false arrest they removed my booking information that was online.

Kellen Rice February 14, 2023
Susan Hatch

Cheaper and faster than Panella. 👍

Susan Hatch January 12, 2023
Roberto Minks

They helped me use the Florida Law to get rid of a mugshot online.

Roberto Minks January 11, 2023
Maria Duncan

Alex was helpful and knew more than my attorney about removing a mugshot.

Maria Duncan January 10, 2023

When arrested by law enforcement your information may appear on the web.

services to remove arrests recordsWebsites simply scrape arrest data as soon as it’s published without regard for the outcome of your pending or resolved criminal case, creating an impetus for mugshot and content removal services.

Removing mugshots fast is imperative to mitigate permanent damage to your reputation, career, and personal life.  For information on mugshot removal call us at 813-421-8334

Booking Information Online Cause Issues With:
  • Relationships
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Business Ventures
  • Perceived Diminished Standing

Third-party websites scrape and publish private arrest information, personal info, court records, booking data, crime blotter stories, etc:

online data privacy is #1 in content removal and suppression.

We work nationwide against mugshot publishers, in states with lax public records laws, like the ones listed below:

Mugshots can appear on the following web platforms:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Search Engines
  • Bing
  • Third-Party Websites
  • Yahoo
  • Duck Duck Go

Online Reputation Protection and Data Privacy Going Into 2024

Removing mugshots and reducing the visibility of mugshots online is paramount to maintaining your reputation and standing within your community and among colleagues. We offer solutions that can provide you with alerts to changes in your search results in real-time to mitigate any potential embarrassment or surfaced negative content online.

Reputation Monitoring

Busy professionals do not have time to constantly monitor search results after a black swan event negatively impacts search results online. We can automate the process of monitoring your search results for specific websites and keywords.
Mugshot Removal

We can provide you with a snapshot of the search results, link volatility at static intervals, and alert you in real time to any changes that you want to be aware of. mugshot removal serviceWe offer our clients a level of protection that many are not aware even exists.

Data Privacy

Unfortunately in most states, our data is for sale among many vendors hidden in the shadows. There is no regulation to ensure that this data being disseminated about us is accurate. This is also being done without our permission and can be used to make decisions that affect our lives and socio-economic standing. We allow you to revoke permission from these vendors in one complete solution. This protects your privacy reducing the risk of cyber-attacks and limiting the vectors from which a phishing attack can occur.

Image Removal Analysis

remove-arrest records onlineWe understand the hesitation of hiring a mugshot removal company to assist with removing your mugshot. Incept Technologies, LLC has the SEO resources to remove and or suppress any negative content, mugshots, or arrest records. We also have the technology and resources to protect and monitor your data across the internet. has numerous reviews on Google, Trustpilot, and more attesting to the integrity and effectiveness of our team’s mugshot removal service. Contact Us at (813) 421-8334remove criminal law enforcement records

Criminal defense is not reputation management.

Many attorneys and lawyers add mugshot removal pages on their websites to attract new clients who may be interested in mugshot removal to offer expungement services.
defense federal criminal

How To Remove Mugshots Online

mugshot removal logoIn order to get your mugshot removed from Google you will need to follow the initial steps below. In our experience performing reputation management services on a large scale, these are the most effective steps on how to remove mugshots from Google.

  • Step 1 – Contact the website publishing the image online and request.
  • Step 2 – Once the image is deleted submit an outdated content request to Google.
  • Step 3 – Enjoy an online reputation restored!

Common Myth #1 Expungement will remove mugshots from Google. When expungement eligibility is determined by the court with jurisdiction, an individual can file a petition with the court that heard the case. Once the expunge process is finished, the mugshot will be removed from public records…This is FALSE.

Free Removal Analysis (813) 421-8334

Image Removal Analysis

Ways To Remove Mugshots and Personal Information From Mugshot Sites

Submit An Image Takedown Request Directly To Google To Remove Arrest Records

Once a piece of personal information is removed from a website you can send a request to Google to have it taken out of online results from Google search. This will remove the website’s URL from the search results. Use this link to submit a request to Google:

This will get the content removed from Google’s search cache and stop it from appearing online. Google periodically updates its cache when it revisits pages to check for updates and will remove online info that is outdated.

Google’s purge of legacy mugshot websites from their algorithm has helped stop the publication of the jail records of many individuals online. It’s a good idea to check Bing as well since they have an algorithm that allows lower-quality results and spam to appear in their results allowing your mugshot on the internet prior to removal. A booking photo, or criminal arrest record online, can cost you a job opportunity, potential relationships, a business venture, or diminished community standing.

Submit Your Request Directly To The Website Before Contacting Google

Removing mugshots from Google by reaching out to the web pages containing your arrest information is the first step.

Documentation To Submit to Get Your Mugshot Removal:

Our clients have had success removing mugshots from Google for an alleged crime by providing documentation related to the favorable outcome of their case. Court documentation can include any of the following:
Free Removal Analysis (813) 421-8334

Image Removal Analysis

  • A final disposition letter from the attorney general or county prosecutor of not guilty.
  • Court records showing the criminal charges were dropped, dismissed (nolle prossed), or not filed.
  • A letter from an attorney stating that your record was expunged, restricted, or sealed by the courts for any crime committed.

remove mugshots from google

Remove Online Mugshots From Mugshot Websites

Removing Mugshots from the Internet on will remove personal information for free for any of the following reasons: expungement, seal, no information, identity theft, death, not-guilty, dismissal, acquitted, exonerated, pardoned, nolle prosequi, adjudication withheld, no file.
Look up your unique ID on their website and email your documentation to
free texas mugshot removal from search engine results
Go here for more info:
If you get a non-favorable disposition they still will update the image with your case disposition and documentation.

We would not recommend doing this. Any update to the page will possibly make it rank higher. Instead, we would recommend you bury the image online for your name using tactics we discuss regarding reputation management.

Remove Mugshots Online Free From

Remove mugshots from Busted NC Mug Shots is fairly straightforward. Call 252-516-1425 or send an email to

Go to this URL: to view the instructions. NC is only in the state of North Carolina. They will publish the image of anyone who is a resident of that state.
1-844-684-7468 or (813)-421-8334

Free Removal Analysis (813) 421-8334

Image Removal Analysis

arrest information removalsThe Space Coast Daily is a news publication serving Melbourne Florida. The Space Coast Daily is an example of how the police blotter industry was started. A legitimate news organization added a mugshot gallery to boost clicks. The resulting additional viewers translate into increased ad dollars from browsing mugshots.

The Space Coast Daily crime blotter section is the most popular part of the news site. Since Space Coast Daily is a legitimate news website they have contact information on their website: You can reach them via phone at 321-615-8111 or 321-323-4460. They also have the email address of:

To get your online mugshots deleted from send an email to:

Removing Your Private Data From 

Get private data deleted from by sending an email to:

Remove Mugshots From Google Published on

Radaris is a data aggregator that scrapes images from the internet along with other data appearing on social media websites and the like. If you have an old image appearing on Radaris you may need to opt out of their data collection as they may show data for many of the people with the same name as you on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Free Mugshot Removals From

To get criminal records removed from simply send them an email at JAILRECORDS.INFO@GMAIL.COM. All you need to send is the name of the person and the county they were arrested in and allow up to 5 days for deletion of your information.

Deleting your inmate records from appears to be a straightforward process where individuals can request that their crime images be taken down. There is a request form located at this URL:

Instructions for expunged, restricted, sealed, or deceased cases, please send an email to

criminal recordsFor information and instructions for expunged, restricted, sealed, or deceased cases, please send an email to – You can also submit documentation of a dismissal expungement or sealed record to the form on their website and request that an image be taken down.

Delete A DUI Mugshot From Google will remove criminal records for free. Follow the instructions on this page:

Free Removal Analysis (813) 421-8334

Image Removal Analysis,, TexasCrimeLog

Contact the website owner Jason Steen of Scoop Media Group, LLC at 931-436-8441. Or you can try reaching out to him via For you can try reaching out to their support email:

How To Remove Mugshots On Google From

removing mugshots from google imagesImages on Busted Newspaper are contingent upon the resolution of your case. Busted Newspaper has an opt-out form from where they accept documentation related to the case disposition.

How To Remove A Mugshot  From Google on

To get your mugshots deleted from complete the contact form they have on their website located here:

Delete Inmate Records From

Write to: This site is run by a UCF Criminal Justice student named Brian Murphy.
Remove Mugshots From The Internet On

You can remove your booking record from by simply emailing them directly using the information below.

How long does it take to opt out?
We try and approve your request as soon as we receive it.
The average time of completing the request is between 24 to 10 business days.

Contact Us –
For record updates, we need:
A) Full Name
B) Full URL with your Name

Removing Mugshots From Google Images Appearing On


Expunge Your Criminal History

Depending on the outcome of your case and the state you were prosecuted in expungement may be an option for you. Every state has different requirements for what type of charges can be expunged or sealed. Your best option is to reach out to your attorney and see what the local prosecutor or court requires in order for your charges to be expunged. Many factors can go into this eligibility including the length of time since the prosecution, the severity of the crime, your criminal history since the prosecution, and more. An expunction will provide more benefit against background checks that are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Hiring decisions are not allowed to be made under federal law from information found online during a Google search. An FBI background check will most likely display any criminal arrest history you have regardless of expunction or efforts from removal services

Free Removal Analysis (813) 421-8334

Image Removal Analysis

Reputation Monitoring After Image Removal

After the successful removal of damaging content online, you will want to monitor your reputation to see if any of the harmful content re-appears or gets republished on another third-party website. Personal reputation management once completed is easier to maintain than most people realize. Google offers a free service for anyone to use that will alert them of any new information published that matches a specific search query entered into Google’s free tool called Google Alerts. Once you have set up a Google Alert for your name and location you will instantly be notified of anything new that is published under that specific query.

Final Recap Removals From Google Search.

Our experience executing reputation management strategies and removing mugshots from Google has concluded that the aforementioned methods are your best course of action to remove mugshots.

  • Step 1 – Contact the website publishing the image online and request.
  • Step 2 – Expunge your criminal record if possible to help with removal requests.
  • Step 3 – Once the image is deleted submit an outdated content request to Google.
  • Step 4 – Set up Google Alerts for industry-leading enterprise-level reputation monitoring.

mugshot removal logo

How To Get Mugshots Removed Online

Your online reputation can be determined by images and new stories that appear online. Embarrassing comments and photos can pop up from Facebook and criminal records like arrest information and public mugshots can be accessed and viewed online. Mugshot removal websites have built a business around displaying arrest photos and requesting payment to remove the photos. However, you have many options to remove these images from Google. The arrest of the owners has sent a clear message to mugshot publishers and will soon set precedence in case law regarding this practice.

How Mugshot Websites Work

Mugshot websites scrape arrest photos from county police websites and post them online. Unfortunately, these sites can rank in a search for your name, and mugshots can appear on the first page of your search engine results. This can impact your ability to find? a job, get a date or get a place to live.

Most mugshot websites make money from advertising first and secondly by charging a fee to remove the image instantly and then republishing it on another of their other websites. Ultimately mugshot websites depend on Google and ranking in a search result for your name.

How Long Do Mugshots Stay On The Internet?

This depends on the website. Some websites will only display it for a certain period anywhere from 30 -90 days. The mugshot will appear in a Google search once the web page has been indexed. When a page is deleted it may still appear in Google as well until Google realizes that a page no longer exists. If a person doesn’t do anything about a mugshot it can persist indefinitely on the internet.

If a person is aggressive and starts to build up their internet presence then a mugshot can fade away into oblivion and future mugshots will be prevented from appearing at all in a search for that person’s name. Some mugshot websites will delete the image if you contact them. Other sites may ask for some sort of documentation but what legitimate authority do they have to ask a private citizen for information about a personal matter?

How to Remove Mugshots from the Internet

Email the website, hosting company, or domain provider, check your local laws, and/or build up your online presence.

  • Email the website. Some websites have an opt-out link. Contact them and they may remove your photo. Politely asking a website owner to remove a photo is a good idea. You may be irritated with the situation but don’t try to threaten a site owner
  • Check local laws. Your state may have a law that requires mugshot websites to remove photos. Generally must be taken down within 30 days of being contacted with the request, or they will violate the law. Georgia and Oregon are two states that currently have these laws, and we expect to see more states join their ranks shortly.
  • Build up your web presence. It’s important to have your content on the web besides social media. A personal website is first and foremost followed by profiles on websites related to professional organizations.