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As a victim of mugshot extortion who had a mugshot published on the now-defunct mugshot website, my team and I know firsthand the irritation and humiliation that occurs when mugshots appear online. We also know the destruction they cause to relationships and business ventures if a mugshot is left to fester online without removal. It’s a violation of your online privacy in an unregulated medium. The longer a mugshot remains online without removal or suppression the greater the destruction. You can’t trust just anyone to remove a mugshot online. Mugshots can stay online indefinitely if steps are not taken to remove them, even if your case is legally dismissed, sealed, or expunged your mugshot(s) can still persist online. We have the only solution that removes, suppresses, and prevents mugshots from re-appearing online. We also guarantee our mugshot removal services for 2 years. States like Florida, North Carolina, and Texas have strong public record laws that allow this mugshot exploitation.

mugshot removal service

We never advertise on mugshot websites and we don’t sell your information or criminal arrest records to other mugshot removal companies. We attack mugshots directly in the search engines for removal or free suppression. Other mugshot removal companies re-publish mugshots on other mugshot websites they own and attempt to recharge you for removal.

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DIY – Remove Your Own Mugshots with Control Your Search, Remove criminal arrest records & personal information from mugshot websites and search results. Easy-to-follow videos, guides, and walkthroughs to preserve your reputation online by eliminating or suppressing criminal arrest information published online. Our groundbreaking mugshot removal training has received extensive press for exposing the mugshot publishing industry. It could be as simple as an email or sending a letter via certified mail.


Our removal process allows you to eliminate criminal records from showing up online threatening your privacy, employment prospects, and dating options. We offer free removal options and low-cost payment options for protecting your personal data online. We are the most experienced mugshot removal resource available. Call us with no obligation or pushy sales team. Protect your privacy and remove false criminal records, and personal data, from felony or misdemeanor charges.

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Most likely you have Googled someone, but we never think about our search results until they matter. Managing search results for your name is a simple and easy process that must be donePublic Safety - Reviews consistently in order to be most effective. Search results impact our opportunities and shape opinions, in the digital age, it is important to know to shape our online information.

Remove Expunged Criminal Arrest Records From The Internet Permanently

We are the ONLY mugshot removal website that DOES NOT publish mugshots on the internet. Don’t erase your mugshot and see it re-published on another website. You also do not need a defense attorney or mugshot removal lawyer to remove a mugshot from the internet.

mugshot removal service

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How Long Do Mugshots Stay Online?

A mugshot can remain online indefinitely. That’s why it is important to remove arrest records quickly. The longer it isn’t removed the more likely it is to get replicated onto other websites and appear in searches for your name or business, We attack mugshots directly in the search engines and prevent them from appearing in a search for your name or business. This is the best mug shot removal solution long-term, a simple probation violation can trigger a new mug shot. Other websites form partnerships with mugshot publishers in order to get the images removed, some even host the images on their social media accounts in a message. They do not offer a long-term solution like

Do I Need A Mugshot Removal Lawyer To Remove Mugshots?

Lawyers who offer a free consultation for expungement may offer information about removing arrest records from the internet. However, their methods for removing public information may not be effective. A criminal defense attorney can only write a letter when providing legal services, they don’t understand search engines and websites publishing mug shots online. These websites scrape images as soon as they are published online. The sites post everyone who was arrested and try to rank those images online for ad revenue. They do not comply with new laws even though mug shot operators were arrested in 2019. Contact our office at 813-421-8334 to remove these public photos.

How Can I Remove My Online Information From Websites?

A lot of website aggregators publish financial records, arrest records, property records, legal records, marriage records, family history, resume information, school transcripts and even driving records online. It’s up to you to opt-out and delete each record so it can be removed. Often the information about alleged crimes is published online regardless of expungement or dismissal. Even if your case was dismissed mugshot publishers can make incorrect information public. We can help get that information removed in a matter of days.

Why Are Some Mugshots Not Online?

Not every individual will need our mugshot removal service. Every time someone is arrested law enforcement will generate an arrest record. Depending on where you reside that booking mugshot may be public record. Most mugshot websites scrape mugshots from public-facing databases. If your local Sherriff or police department chooses not to publish arrest records online then you may never see them on the internet. If you live in a smaller metropolitan area some mugshot websites may choose not to scrape the arrest records in your town. If you are looking for someone else’s mugshot who was arrested you may not see if they already had it removed. If for some reason your mugshot gets published online you can protect your data, employment, and personal life at minimum cost with our mugshot removal service.

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