Mugshot Removal

Our Promise

We understand that this is a difficult and potentially embarrassing situation. We offer everyone the knowledge needed to remove negative information from search results. Our methods are the most effective at keeping your search results clean and protecting you from other websites that may republish your mugshot in the future.

Anyone claiming that they can remove a mugshot from a website instantly is most likely publishing the image. That means they put the image up! If they can guarantee you that the image can be taken down, then they have a partnership with the mugshot website and will put your image up on another website

Our promise is to provide cost-effective training on how to clean and control the search results for your name. We explain the methods, provide tools and training on reputation management. These methods are backed up by 15 years of online marketing, public relations, programming, branding, and SEO experience. In reality, it’s simple as data entry about yourself, hobbies, or whatever you desire in a methodical and deliberate way online. Let us show you how.

Our Story

RemoveMyMugshot.org was created after a good friend of mine, an Online Reputation Manager buried his own mugshot, and managed for the most part to get free deletion for all but one of his mugshots. He did it using the same techniques large corporations use to try and control their online narrative.

So I approached him on how to remove my mugshot from a DWLSR I had 7 years ago while in college. It suddenly appeared online out of nowhere! A close coworker who found it when she Googled my name brought it to my attention. It was pretty embarrassing and I needed it gone yesterday.

The advice given to me by my friend was to stop clicking on the mugshots I found online. Clicking on a result tells Google that you like that website, so never click on something you don’t want to appear in search results. After a series of back and forth emails and a few excel sheets, my mugshots were off the first page in a few weeks then finally fell to the fourth page over a period of a few weeks. So together we compiled a blueprint for anyone to follow to remove their mugshot from the first page. Second, we found some simple industry tools to automate and speed up the process. We made videos explaining how to do it. We provide additional resources that give you everything you need for a Reputation Management Campaign of your own.

Our Methods

If you refuse to support scammers then you can attack the mugshot operators with a lawyer or you can attack the mugshot in Google. Lawyers are expensive and want 200/hr to look up a site operator’s information and serve them the proper paperwork. What happens if your image has been scraped and re-published on another website. Will you want to start that process over again?

Attacking a mugshot directly in Google is the most effective way to eliminate it from having any negative impact on your life. If it can’t be seen in a search result. It does not exist. The search query for your name is your piece of real estate online. Own it!

Our system is based upon years of search engine optimization and reputation management experience. Basically since the industry’s inception in 2005. It is a lot easier to remove a mugshot from the 1st page of Google than you may realize. This also applies to any negative information on the internet.

Our techniques will last over time as long as you follow the process we outline. You can engage in a personal reputation management campaign in order to bury or push down bad reviews, old talent show photos, local articles, mugshot removal, etc.

When you are controlling the content on the first page of Google you can engage employers, potential dates, and stalkers with the specific information you want to put forth. Like your own timeline in Google. The timeline everyone looks up and has access to. We even offer Reputation Monitoring to alert you of any changes in your search results.

Spend time sculpting your search results with reputation management and control what people see about you. Chances are if you get a mugshot appearing on the first page of Google for your name you don’t need to remove it from the website to hide it. You just need to create better content on a series of more trusted websites that include your first and last name. This content will outrank your mugshot preventing searchers from seeing it.

98% of searchers do not go past the first page on Google when searching.