Erase Mugshots Net Reputation Review, Cost, Scam?

Erase Mugshots Reviews

and have been alleged to have direct relationships with websites that publish mugshots online.. They are also know to publish mugshots on social media. Something we would never do. They operate under multiple fronts, netreputation, guranteedremovals, internetreputation, internetprivacy, reputation sciences, remove-arrests, removemugshots.  Our clients have reported getting a phone call from NetRepuation stating that their mugshot has been published online. Legitimate reputation management companies do not call people and solicit their services. In fact how would they even know that a person’s arrest record was published online?

We ask this question. Why would a removal company have an advertisement directly on the website publishing mugshots, then call you as a different reputation management company?

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Why would a company that claims to delete mugshots post them on Facebook?


Why would a removal company have an advertisement on A website that publishes mugshots online. 

You can review our BBB profile as well:

Erase Mugshots Squats on Competitor Names…

Why would any legitimate company that offered satisfactory service need to infringe on other company names? How is that ethical? review

Net Reputation = Erase Mugshots = Guaranteed Removal = Reputation Science = Internet Reputation = Remove Personal Information

Why Are They Registered in the Cayman Islands?



Other Reputation Management Scams


Some reputation management companies go as far as committing fraud in the name of their clients. The last thing any hard-working individual wants is to spend thousands of dollars on fraudulent services that are not going to work in the long term. Watch the CBS news report.

Updated 1/18/2023.