EraseMugshots costs anywhere from $600 – $5000

to takedown mugshots that they have published on their web properties. There is a listing on BBB with complaints about unremoved images and unprofessionalism. Simply put this company has over 30 different websites, some that publish mugshots. Anyone who is able to guarantee immediate removal owns the website. They re-publish the mugshot on another of their websites. Now they are going to expect you to pay again to remove that new mugshot. Ever wonder how the sales guy can’t explain how they are able to instantly remove that image?

mugshot publisher

Why would a company that claims to delete mugshots post them on Facebook?







Or have a link pictured above directly from another website that publishes mugshots online?

You can review their BBB profile here:

EraseMugshots Reviews…

Some individuals claimed that their images were not removed. Erase Mugshots has a portfolio of over 30 different websites. With the arrest of the site owners, one can assume Erase Mugshots does not have a long-term sustainable business model. We have no personal experience with them and encourage anyone to do their due diligence when dealing with any online company.

NetReputation = EraseMugshots = GuaranteedRemoval | Which one will they be when they call you?

Why would a legit company register its website in the Cayman Islands?


Other Reputation Management Scams


Some reputation management companies go as far as committing fraud in the name of their clients. The last thing any hard-working individual wants is to spend thousands of dollars on fraudulent services that are not going to work in the long term. Watch the CBS news report.

Updated 4/6/2021.