Getting Booked After An Arrest In Durham NC

After an arrest in Durham, North Carolina, a criminal suspect will be taken to the local detention center or jail to await their first appearance. The suspect will be booked in the jail system at that time. A suspect may not be able to post bail or be released until the booking process has been completed. Booking can take some time depending on how busy the prison or how many people are being booked. What happens during booking after an arrest for DUI, Assault, or Domestic Violence?

Booking in Durham

Each jail or detention facility has its own policies and processes for booking a suspect. Booking is generally done in jails and detention centers by following the steps below:

  1. Recording information about a suspect and the crime for which they are suspected;
  2. Take a mugshot;
  3. Taken into custody, and inventoried the suspect’s clothes and property.
  4. Taking fingerprints;
  5. Undergoing a complete body search
  6. Checking the criminal history of a suspect;
  7. Examining your health;
  8. Obtaining information on any medical conditions or personal problems.
  9. Take a DNA sample.

Booking Issues

Booking is a fairly straightforward process. It is important to understand the booking process and what you can expect if you find yourself in this situation. You will be booked whether you resist or actively participate. By being polite, responsive, and listening to the commands, you can speed up the booking process.