Florida Domestic Violence Charge

It can be terrifying to be charged with Domestic Violence in Florida, especially if the crime involves someone you love. It could change your life forever. A domestic violence charge can be serious, whether it was an argument or fight that got out-of-hand, or a simple misunderstanding.

Domestic violence is a crime of assault that involves people who are or were married, partners, children, parents, or any current or former household members. Domestic Violence charges are also applicable to those who have been or are in a relationship.

In Florida, police can arrest you very easily for domestic violence charges, even without a warning or warrant.

What is Domestic Violence Crime in Florida

Florida domestic violence crimes include any crime that results in physical injury or even death and involves family members, roommates, or romantic partners.

Domestic violence crimes are defined in Florida as any assault, battery or sexual assault, stalking, or kidnapping by another household member or family member. Florida domestic violence crimes can involve family members, householders, or people who are in a relationship.

Florida law defines “family or household member” as:

  • Spouses
  • Former spouses, including an ex-husband or -wife
  • Any person related by blood or marriage. This includes aunts, uncles, and brothers-in-law.
  • Anyone who lives together now or has lived together previously
  • Anyone who has had children together

Criminal Defense Attorneys Defend Clients FromDomestic Violence Charges:

  • Domestic Violence Assault Charges
  • Domestic Violence Assault Charges
  • Domestic Violence Battery Charges
  • Violation of Orders of Protection
  • Domestic Violence Stalking charges
  • Domestic Violence Harassment charges
  • Domestic Violence and Harassment Charges
  • Domestic Violence Menacing charges
  • Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Charges
  • Domestic Violence Sexual Offences Charges
  • Domestic Violence Spousal Abuse charges
  • Domestic Violence Excessive Corps Punishment Charges
  • Domestic Violence Reckless Harm Charges

Florida Domestic Violence Penalties and Consequences

A domestic abuse conviction will leave a criminal record on your record for the rest of your life. It is important to hire a criminal defense attorney with experience who can protect you against false domestic violence accusations and protect your legal right.

You may be charged with a misdemeanor if you are accused of domestic violence. A Florida misdemeanor conviction can mean anywhere from 60 to 1 year in prison. A Florida Domestic Violence felony could result in you spending anywhere from 5 to 15 years in state prison (and sometimes even more). You could also be facing hefty fines in addition to jail or prison time.

A domestic violence criminal conviction could have a number of consequences. It could affect your career and your ability to get a raise or a new position, as well as your ability to live in certain communities. It could also affect the custody rights you have over your children.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

You may have also been issued a protective order or restraining order if you were charged with domestic violence. Even if you’re not arrested, a restraining or injunction may be issued. Even if you were issued a restraining or injunction in response to false accusations, violating one of these orders could result in jail time. Understanding and respecting the order can only benefit your case. Your best chance of dismissal is to mount a vigorous defense against any domestic abuse charge.

Domestic Violence Criminal Charges In Florida

It can be overwhelming to be charged with a crime, especially if it involves someone you love and care for.