Montgomery County Sheriff Removes Mugshot Gallery

CLARKSVILLE TN – On a Monday afternoon, the mugshots on the public booking list were suddenly removed. They were replaced by a statement from Montgomery County Sherriff John Fuson. Many speculated about the reason for the change.

“In October 2022 I appointed a new Public Information Officer. Since then, we’ve begun making changes to the social media platforms, our website, and our mobile application. I felt it was the right time to remove the booking list as part of the changes. Fuson made a statement Monday.

This decision has been the subject of much controversy, and rumors suggest that the Sheriff was personally invested in this sudden change. His daughter.

“My daughter is not in jail or facing any charges.” If she was, she would have the same rights as everyone else. Fuson said that the example of what is happening right now on social media is a perfect example, and the purpose, of this policy change. “It’s despicable that another example of this nasty inhumane and disgusting commentary has to be my daughter,” Fuson said Thursday afternoon.

Fuson said he knew that some people would disagree with the policy. He continued to say that many citizens have shared their stories about the negative impact of publishing mugshots on these people and their family members.

“The vile comments that continue to spread on social media and the branding of those accused is heartless, inhumane, and just wrong!” “As a Christian, a fellow community member, and a man, I refuse to facilitate this type of activity,” he said.

Fuson said he had received both negative and distasteful comments about the new policy. However, he also received a flood of support.

“I continue to get positive comments and encouragement in support of the policy change. I want to thank everyone who has reached out and shown their support. This is not the Montgomery County I know and I’m confident that the majority of our citizens share the same sentiment.