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Public police records is the latest iteration of a series of mugshot websites that have ranked really well in Google. They include Bailbondcity, Bailbondshq,, USbondsmen, and now Publicpolicerecord.  This is one of the more prolific and difficult sites to remove images from either in a search result or from the website itself. But it is possible as we have suppressed images from every version of their website and so have others to prevent rapsheetz mugshots from appearing online.

Publicpolicerecords does have a page dedicated to removal which we have listed below for removal. On their removal page, they explicitly list their opposition to mugshot removal laws citing the First Amendment. They also request documentation be mailed via physical parcel for removal at the time of this post.

Mugshot Removal Service From  now will remove your arrest record URL for the following:

Removal of an arrest record URL (without Compensation) will be performed within (10) days under the following conditions:

  1. Sealed
  2. Expunged
  3. Non-Disclosure
  4. Death

In order to execute the removal the following information must be requested by registered mail or email:

  1. Name
  2. Valid identification (drivers license or passport)
  3. Disposition sheets or equivalent documents, and
  4. URL of the arrest record

They have an opt-out form that you can fill out.

Go here for more info: will update the image with your case disposition as well. We would not recommend doing this. Any update to the page will possibly make it rank higher. Instead, we would recommend you bury the image in search results for your name.

There are also reports that the owner and operator of the website is battling a class-action lawsuit. We have not independently verified this but this is one of the few remaining websites that will not remove an image. They also publicly state on their website that the First Amendment offers them protection in the form of free speech. This is something that the courts have to decide but the owners feel confident in taking this argument to the courts.

We still recommend making contact with the website owner to see if they will remove the content since there is a possibility that they will. If they do not respond you can remove the mugshot free or use our paid mugshot removal service.

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