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Julian Cameron
August 2, 2022

Alex was able to provide emergency suppression of an image after a DUI arrest (reckless driving) that allowed me to have peace of mind before a series of job interviews that I had coming up. No need to explain the image to anyone anymore.

Austin Watson
June 6, 2022

Honest and Reliable

They took care of my issue immediately

Layla James
June 7, 2022

I paid another company $2,500.00 and they did nothing so I was skeptical about hiring another reputation company. RemoveMyMugshot has a money back guarantee so I took a chance on their services. They actually delivered on all their promises. I got constant email updates on the progress and a spreadsheet of the links built to help my website rank higher

Ron Holt
June 4, 2022

Alex and his team were able to get my images removed and created several websites that showed up in Google for my name.

Andrew Young
July 22, 2022

A reputable company that provides excellent quality services. Thank you for removing my news story online.

Felipe Beck
June 5, 2022

I was able to get all of my images removed for about on third the cost of the other net erase company. Alex also didn’t bombard me with pushy sales calls either

Bernadette Skinner
July 25, 2022

It took a few days before they were able to accept me as a client, I see why. Within a week my entire first page was replaced by web properties that they built. No more mugshots on Google Images.

Alice Reid
June 7, 2022

Knowledgeable and honest

Alex and his team answered all my questions and helped me get rid of a few bad links related to my name in Google

Brian S
August 14, 2022

Honest and experienced

Alex had all the answers and quickly helped me resolve all my issues. Pick up the phone and call and he will take care of you. Best decision!

Caroline Kennedy
June 7, 2022

These people are the best at what they do

Neil Bond
July 26, 2022

I was super apprehensive about hiring a "mugshot removal" company. They explained everything to me and Alex was available by text or phone to answer any questions that came up. They offered a lot more in terms of service than just online mugshot removal.

Richard Miller
June 6, 2022

I choose this company

After calling a few different reputation management companies I decided on Alex because he gave me straight answers and a reasonable price.

Kevin Davidson
June 6, 2022

About 2 days after signing up with I saw new websites appearing online in Google. The removed my mugshots from Google images and filled my first page with their content. Super happy with the results I got.

Michael Gibson
August 9, 2022

They removed some arrest information appearing online and helped with some other web-related issues for my business.

Desiree Cohen
August 4, 2022

Best mugshot removal service that…

Best mugshot removal service that provided results quickly.

Thomas North
June 6, 2022

I was able to get my mugshots removed from google images and have them replaced with images on social media sites that I controlled.

Emma Kelly
July 24, 2022

Simple and effective without the sales hassle

Melissa Kordsmeier
November 12, 2019 is a no-brainer- its an honest company that provides a great service!

Alex was extremely helpful and patient with all my questions (I had a lot and would email him daily). He was easy to communicate with and always provided speedy, personal responses. In my case, we had a particularly difficult website that we were dealing with and Alex thought outside of box and now that mugshot is a thing of the past. That said, he got the job done and went above and beyond to do so. There are plenty options out there that provide mugshot removal services, but in my opinion, he is the best one. So, get off the fence and choose Alex at You won't regret it.

Selina Chapman
August 1, 2022

My arrest record has been expunged but…

My arrest record has been expunged but my arrest photo and information were appearing online, Removemymugshot removed the information and changed all of my first page listings with websites they made. Highly recommend their services.

Jan Jackson
July 28, 2022

They were able to remove a super old arrest record that appeared online out of nowhere.

Jasmine May
July 23, 2022

I was able to finally put my arrest behind me thanks to Alex.

Grace Baker
June 7, 2022

Can’t say enough good things

I was finally able to get a job after they remove my arrest information from Google.

If you are a busy professional or prefer to hand the process off to us, we can take care of a mugshot or any negative information appearing online. We attack mugshots directly on the search engine. Our Mugshot Removal and Suppression Service includes the following:

Custom personal website.

Deep search to find any hidden or unknown mugshots and arrest records online.

Direct requests to Google to de-index and/or remove the mugshot.

Personal Search Manager

Domain name and hosting for 2 years.

Optimization of the website to rank on the first page for your name.

Website populated with AI-generated content based upon the bio information you provide.

Reputation Monitoring for 2 Years

Optimization of images for your name.

Creation of 400+ profiles for you using the photos optimized for your name.

Custom web properties on paid platforms that rank really well in Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Creation of the profiles completed within 20 business days.

A separate email account to handle the profile creation.

Detailed spreadsheet with the login information for the profiles and their URLs.

Optimization of the profiles and web properties until they outrank negative content.

Complete access to all of the online content we generate for you.

Watch your mugshot or negative information quickly fade from the search results.

Works on unlimited sites on all search engines.

Lifetime Guarantee – Mugshots Will Not Appear In Search Results.

Removal of up to 8 mugshots on different websites

Review prior examples of our work HERE:

The only long-term solution for websites that are offshore such as and that do not offer removal options. Push your mugshot from the 1st page of search results where 97% of searchers stop.

Immediately begin suppressing negative images and content in a search for your name.

Never worry about what appears in a search for your name.

All customer data is kept confidential and private. Secure 256bit SSL Encryption.

24/7 Support via Chat or Email: admin – at –

Phone Support via 844.684.7468.

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Reputation Monitoring

Reputation Monitoring tracks your name online and notifies you of any changes. This gives you peace of mind and helps you avoid any surprises from unflattering information appearing online without your knowledge.

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I bought this and I would like to recommend it to everyone interested in reputation management. It is very convenient and the customer service is very reactive.
Lucy G.