Florida DUI Criminal Defense

DUI is a serious offense. You could lose your driving privileges or face jail time, large fines, and probation. You may also have to pay higher auto insurance rates or lose your coverage. A DUI conviction will remain on your Florida driving record forever and may prevent you from getting certain types of jobs.

A DUI charge does not automatically result in a conviction. A robust criminal defense lawyer will help you explore all your options. A DUI defense attorney who is familiar with state prosecution and has defended hundreds of drunk driving charges may have a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise. Any defendant would benefit from a team of dedicated defense attorneys who can give you a distinct advantage in your DUI case.

Know Your Rights When A Traffic Stop Occurs In The Sunshine State.

You want an attorney that has experience in DUI cases and is up to date with the ever-changing DUI laws of Florida. A well-prepared defense attorney should include board-certified criminal defense attorneys.

Depending on your circumstances, your attorney may be able to reduce or dismiss them outright.

You May Lose Your FL Driver’s License And Face Other Penalties

Many DUI deadlines are easily missed, such as contesting your suspension of driving privileges. You or your lawyer may be able to waive your legal rights if you miss these deadlines.

  • Driver’s license suspension of at least 180 days
  • Fines of $500 to $5,000 (and even more for DUI aggravated)
  • Prison for up to 5 years (fourth DUI conviction)
  • Probation
  • Impoundment for at least 10 Days
  • Mandatory Community Service
  • Criminal Record

A competent defense attorney knows the deadlines, and what’s at stake. They will act swiftly to protect your rights in both your DHSMV hearing for license suspension and criminal drunk driving case.

You Need Legal Representation for Your Drunk Driving Case

A competent attorney will attack any DUI case. They will do all they can to dissect your case and find the best possible defenses for you. They will ask you questions such as:

  • Did the police officers behave properly during your DUI arrest?
  • Was the search legal? Was your arrest legal?
  • Was the result of your breathalyzer test inaccurate? Did the officers correctly perform your field sobriety tests?
  • Has the DUI blood test evidence been properly handled in the chain?
  • Your BAC increased between the time you were stopped and the time you took your breath or blood test.

Even if there are no clear defenses, it may still be possible to negotiate for a better outcome. You want to do all you can to avoid the suspension of your license at the DMV hearing and work diligently to reduce or dismiss criminal charges. Like investigating all circumstances and details leading to your arrest. Identify any mistakes made by the police and develop a defense strategy that is tailored to the specifics of your case.

Should You Represent Yourself?

It is surprising how many people who face a DUI charge decide not to seek legal assistance. A DUI arrest is more than a traffic violation. If you don’t respond to the charge within 10 days, your right to appeal a six- to twelve-month suspension of your driving license will be lost. You may also lose the opportunity to seek a pretrial diversion or to have your charges dropped. That would allow you to seal and expunge your record.

Most DUI cases can be difficult. You may be convinced that you were drunk when you were arrested. You may be worried about attorney fees. But you can challenge police tactics and procedures, as well as the accuracy of breath-testing machines.