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There are a lot of new entrants into the mugshot removal space since we began offering reputation management services in 2012 as the only firm to offer our clients a solution that did not involve directly partnering with mugshot websites. The only other competitors we have in this space are Mugshot Removal Lawyers. Since all other mugshot, removal services partner directly with websites that publish mugshots we do not consider them as competition since the service they are offering is not effective in the long term.

Mugshot Removal Lawyers

Lawyers are now looking to enter into the space of reputation management by offering mugshot removal services. They are offering a solution of demanding that mugshot website operators remove images via legal requests, demand letters, DMCA takedown requests, and other methods of legal recourse. This requires finding out who the registered entity of the website is. Then a lawyer needs to send the documentation via registered mail.

Legal Strategy

There are many issues related to this method of mugshot removal. This method is ineffective against a majority of mugshot removal websites since a majority of them operate outside the jurisdiction of states that enact mugshot removal legislation. Some even are outside the jurisdiction of the United States therefore the law does not apply to these sites regardless of where the mugshot victims reside.

There are multiple websites on the internet that engage in the practice of publishing mugshots on the internet in exchange for removal fees and/or advertising revenue. This means that a mugshot removal lawyer would be constantly engaging in the laborious practice of engaging a legal strategy against multiple website operators.

Most of these website operators use private domains to hide their registration details making it difficult to locate the actual operator or entity running the website. It is necessary to find a valid address for the site owner in order to serve the needed legal paperwork in order for the possible legal precedent of removal to occur.

Using a lawyer for mugshot removal is an inefficient and ineffective process for the long-term removal of mugshots on the internet. The hourly rate for a lawyer to draft documentation, research multiple website operators, serve the proper legal documentation, and engage in the needed follow-up is cost-prohibitive for most people looking for mugshot removal services. Costs range from $2,400.00 to $15,000.00 and up. A person with multiple mugshots will find that using a lawyer for mugshot removal is out of reach

Mugshot Removal

At we believe that attacking a mugshot directly in Google is the most effective strategy for long-term removal of mugshots from the internet. It drastically reduces the visibility of mugshots on the internet, reduces the revenue mugshot operators make from publishing images, and eliminates any incentive to republish your mugshot on the web.

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