Guaranteed Removals Reviews

Guaranteed Removals Reviews – It’s easy to make a claim about a product or service. It’s difficult to back that claim up. We have mostly stayed away from making any claim about removing mugshots until very recently. We have found that 50% of mugshots online now will never be deleted by a website intentionally. Mugshot websites need advertising dollars for the page views they generate. At best they may delete it after a certain timeframe i.e 90 days. Most newspaper publications have a practice similar to this unless your arrest made the actual news. Some sites go offline for any number of reasons i.e Google penalty, Adsense ban,  profitability, etc. Sometimes images pop back up etc.

Guaranteed Removals

We can now guarantee removals for mugshots, news sites, and other negative press for all of our clients. We can not control other websites but our team of Search Analysts can easily control what appears in search results for our clients or their businesses. A well-rounded personal search strategy is extremely effective at removing negative information from search results online. Once the flywheel is moving on your strategy the content eventually sinks into oblivion.

It’s important to check the reviews of reputation management companies that advertise on Google. Companies that aren’t in the rankings but instead rely on a paid spot in Google in order to be #1. Most people outside of the marketing industry do not realize that you can actually pay to be at the top of Google. How can a company that can’t manage its own search presence in Google manage yours? Full disclosure we are planning to run paid ads to complement our search rankings.

It’s difficult to get reviews from reputation management clients since they are essentially looking to remain anonymous online. Sometimes you will come across a client that’s excited about the results but the likelihood of them following up and actually leaving a review is slim. If you upset someone you will be much more likely to receive a bad review.

There are actually algorithms that can easily detect fake reviews. But when looking at reviews in Google there are some things that you should look out for.

Do the reviewers have profile pictures?

Not all profiles will have pictures. Most of the time in Google you will not see a photo if the reviewer only has a few reviews, generally fewer than five. If a majority of the users only have a small number of reviews no profile picture that may be something to take note of.

Are all of the reviews voiced in the same tone?

Everyone has a certain tone that they speak or write in. It may not be noticeable to ourselves but it would be noticeable to others.

Are the reviews mostly the same length?

Reviewers and reviews are all of different lengths depending upon how concise the person writing is. Multiple reviews of similar length are a red flag.

How many of the reviewers are local guides?

If a business has a lot of Google Reviews that you can expect to see at least a few local guides. Local guide accounts are much more likely to be genuine reviews and should carry more weight in categories other than restaurants.

Are the reviews mostly positive?

Reviews that are mostly positive are not a bad thing in and of itself. If a business was recommended by a friend you would expect the reviews to be mostly positive. If the business was well known or was featured in a local publication you would again expect positive reviews. Only when you see one or more red flags should you consider mostly positive reviews to be an issue. Most businesses will have a few bad reviews nothing to worry about utils it exceeds 30% of all the reviews, meaning that if you see 3 bad reviews out of every 10 then you should consider looking at the competition.

How are the reviews dated?

Reviews should be spaced out over time. A high number of reviews in a short amount of time is a red flag. Always look at when a review is posted. You can also sort by date as well when looking at Google reviews.