My Charges Were Dropped Why Is My Mugshot Online?

My Record Was Expunged  Why Is My Mugshot Online?

Mugshot websites use complicated web scrapers and software to automatically grab mugshots from municipality websites periodically throughout the day. The business model of these websites involves making money from the web traffic they receive.

There is a term in the internet marketing world called “Long Tail Search”. That refers to the idea of real niche or specific keywords that do not receive a lot of traffic but are highly targeted. So your name may not get a lot of traffic but it is relevant to anyone searching your name.

Your individual name may not generate a lot of traffic alone but collectively all of the people listed on the website will generate a lot of traffic. This along with the fact that the number of profiles will continue to increase over time. To offset the cost of any lost profiles persons listed on the website must pay a removal fee coupled with a surcharge.

Even though your charges may have been dropped your mugshots will continue to remain online. It would take too much effort to follow up on each mugshot and the case associated with it for the mugshot websites to remain profitable. They also count on the fact that people will want to pay to have their mugshot scrubbed from the to delete mugshot image

The shock and embarrassment of finding a mugshot online usually lead to the arrestee looking for a quick method of deleting a mugshot only to discover that they must pay several websites a fee or one reputation management company a large fee in order to delete and remove the mugshots online.

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