How To Monitor And Clear Your Name Online

Obviously, you are concerned about the information that appears in Google search results for your name but you don’t have time to sit around and search for your name on Google every day. Luckily Google has solved that problem for us by creating 2 different tools that allow you to monitor the search results for your name or any information that you may want to follow.

The first is Google Alerts the name is pretty self-explanatory and it does what it says. It will allow you to receive an alert for any search query as information appears, or at certain time intervals. You can have this information sent directly to your email or an RSS feed.

The second tool focuses more on your “personal brand ” Google wants to help you see what others find when they search your name only. This is linked to your Google + account and also allows you to set up alerts as well. If you do not have a Google Plus account yet we highly recommend that you set up one. Google loves to show its own web properties in search results and this will help you have some control over at least one profile that will appear for your name

Lastly, you can use google yourself to look for any mugshot that may appear in a search for your name. Just don’t click on any that show up or you will make them more likely to rank. If you do find your mugshot online use the chat below or give us a call so that we can remove it from the internet with our mugshots removal service.

Updated 04/02/2023