Remove Mugshots With This Simple Download – Press Release releases a new low-cost solution to remove mugshots that appear online. This is the first time mugshot victims have had an opportunity to put matters into their own hands by deleting mugshots themselves. They don’t have to pay the mugshot website operators a fee or pay a reputation management firm exorbitant fees to remove their mugshots any longer. is an online website and blog that helps individuals who are looking to delete or remove a mugshot from Google’s search results. The small startup has been around for a little over 9 months but today announced their product with a new promotional video on the homepage of their website. The video is pretty vague and only offers some screenshots. The developers of the product are promising to tip the balance of power away from mugshot website owners by suppressing their traffic and easing the process of removing embarrassing mugshots on Google.

They have created a digital product that contains videos, training, proprietary techniques, information, industry tools, and a brief case study on how these sites interact with Google. Some of the methods that have been used by corporations to bury information on the internet are deemed unfavorable.

Our download takes these techniques and applies them to personal information on the web that an individual may deem harmful or damaging. Look out for a follow-up product on the software side.

Anyone with access to email, and the internet can execute this strategy to push down their mugshots away from people who are researching their name on the internet. Currently the Control Your Search ™ is at a promotional price of 89.99.