Remove My Mugshot is not affiliated with any of the mugshot websites you see online. In fact our reputation management / mugshot? solution came into fruition as a result of our co-founder having a bench warrant for a missed court date.

They were reluctant to turn them self in because of the possibility of mugshots appearing online in a search for their name. Unfortunately the law caught up with our co-founder – but their mugshots never appeared online. Since they already worked as a Search Consultant / Internet Marketer they took steps to own the first 14 search results for their name in Google.

Most visitors find this page via an online search.

After preventing their mugshot from appearing online, they tried the same approach for a few friends that had mugshots appearing as well. Some of these mugshots were over 8 years old resulting from charges that were eventually dropped. Once again the mugshots disappeared from the first page of a search for their name and the mugshots dropped significantly in the search results.

We specifically wanted to avoid giving any mugshot websites our money. Why reward them for causing humiliation and grief. With the arrest of the owners a lot of mugshot sites are now not offering any option for removal and are instead relying on advertising revenue and traffic from search engines. Our reputation management / mugshot removal solutions prevents mugshot websites from getting search traffic from your picture.

Our solution is perfect for anyone who understands using a computer and email. If you have time you can use our solution to avoid paying any mugshot removal services. Another advantage to our cheap mugshot removal service is that it will work for future or past mugshots. You never pay per mugshot. Its affordable permanent and easy to implement. You can generally control the first page and second page of a search result for your name. Suppressing negative information contained about you on the internet.


Reputation management / mugshot removal is as simple as completing an online form. Our video training walks you step by step through the process.