Many people ask how they can get their?mugshot removed from is one of the original mugshot websites that pioneered the whole idea of showcasing mugshots to the public via a website and monetizing?the website via ads.

Ironically you won’t see any buttons to remove or delete your mugshot since their idea to make money from the site was based upon ad revenue. Mugshots were the content that displayed ads so deleting them wasn’t part of the plan. I’m sure now they are aware of the revenue that could be generated by offering a removal option.

Interestingly enough there is an email address listed on the website for people to contact them. We have heard reports that a polite email with a link to your mugshot page can sometimes result in a mugshot being removed. We have seen mixed results ourselves trying this, but it is certainly worth a?try…

A lot of times people get really upset when they discover their mugshot has been published online. One of the first things they do is lash out a the publisher whether it be a website or new organization. Cussing and threatening to sue is not going to help you get a picture down. Being polite or actually send a letter from a real lawyer might. As fucked up as this industry is in most states it is still technically legal.