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If none of these methods work – or if you want more specific information about someone’s criminal history – your best bet is to contact law enforcement directly. In order to obtain this type of information from the police, however; You’ll need to file what’s called a ‘Freedom of Information Act request form. There are a number of ways to find mugshots free online. However, it is important to remember that criminal records are public information and can be found by anyone who takes the time to look for them. If you have a criminal record, it is best to assume that your mugshot is available online and take steps to protect your reputation.

Use our free tool to search for mugshots appearing for any name online. Our search tool is powered by Google and provides the most accurate results available. Remember that this is a search tool only and that we have nothing to do with any of the results that appear.

Anyone appearing in a mugshot is NOT guilty of a crime. It simply means that they have been booked into a facility that created and published a mugshot for public record. You MUST research further in order to determine if any persons appearing have actually been convicted of a crime. We recommend looking up the court dockets or securing a background check from services available online.

Image Removal Analysis

Search For Your Published Arrest Records.

The first step in removing your images from the internet is to take an inventory of the images that are published online. You may want to use a spreadsheet or a Word document to paste in the different websites or URLs that are publishing your arrest records online. You may want to gather any documentation you have related to the arrest as well. A majority of our clients at have never been convicted of a crime. They were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time or falsely arrested because they were associating with the wrong people. Paperwork stating that your case was dismissed, expunged, or sealed can be useful later in the process of dealing with the many different websites that publish this information. It’s important to remember not to click on the images too often. That’s why we recommend taking an inventory of all the URLs and pasting them into a document so when you need to check on their status you can easily find the web pages without searching for them again in Google which can make them appear higher in the search results especially if you are clicking the image. We have a tool in beta that you can use to search located here.

Can You Rely On Law Enforcement Police Reports For Criminal Records?

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Mugshots are public records that are typically taken when someone is arrested. However, not all arrests will result in a mugshot being taken. In some cases, mugshots may be available online through the arresting agency’s website or another third-party website. There are also a few commercial databases that collect and sell Mugshots free online; however, these databases should be used as a last resort since they often contain inaccurate information.

What Are Criminal Records?

A mugshot is a photograph that is taken of a person when they are arrested. The photo is taken by the police and it is used to help identify the person who has been arrested. The photo can be found online in some cases, but not always.

Are Mugshots Always Public Record?

To find your mugshot, you can do a search on Google or any other major search engine. Just type in your name and “mugshot” and see what comes up. If there’s nothing recent, try adding “arrest” to your search query. You can also check with the clerk of court in the county where you were arrested to see if they have an online database of mugshots that is open to the public.