Remove A Mugshot Online

How do I get my mugshot removed from the internet?

If you have been recently arrested, you may be shocked to discover that your mugshot is now published on the Internet. Indeed, it would be quite appropriate for your mugshot image to be the first search result that appears when your name is searched in an online search, rather than a photo of you in a different setting. Having a mugshot published on the internet can be damaging. It can ruin your career, personal relationships, and chances for employment. This could happen even if you did not commit the crime or were eventually found not guilty. Mugshot publishers attempt to take advantage of putting your mugshot on the web. Once this has occurred, you can do something about it. We can remove your mugshot from the internet quickly and for a reasonable cost. If you are arrested for any criminal charges, you can get your record cleared or sealed if you have been arrested. If you contact us, be prepared to provide a brief description of your situation.

How much does it cost to remove a mugshot image?

The cost of removing someone’s mugshot depends on what is involved, simply de-indexing an image vs multiple requests to a website owner and specific platforms. Mugshot websites are unregulated, the practice of removing mugshots, however, is becoming increasingly complex and can be a legal minefield. At, we will remove your mugshot, properly, based on the amount of work involved in an individual situation. If you fail to remove the mugshot as requested, we will be able to use your mugshot against you at a later time.

How long does your mugshot stay online?

A mugshot is the only photo that anyone would ever need to see again; however, if one were to be found to be the wrong person, a person should be able to have it removed. The chances are that no matter how private the record is, confidential the matter is, everyone would be able to see it for everyone to know. It certainly is a record that should be confidential.

How do I get my mugshot removed from Google?

If you live in Florida, you can sue a company that keeps photos of you on the Internet for an amount equal to its profits. You can also sue for court fees and attorney fees. In the first case, the company can be ordered to remove the photos from the Internet. In the second case, the company may be ordered to pay damages equal to what the company earns from the photos. If the company refuses to remove the photos some law firms will try to persuade internet sites to remove your mugshot from their sites if they have not already done so. We realize what each site needs to do in order to remove your mugshot, which makes the process easier for all.


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