mugshot removal serviceThe best way to keep an unwanted mugshot form being displayed on the internet would be to avoid getting arrested. Sometime we can’t help but be in the wrong place at the wrong time or perhaps you got mixed up in the wrong crowd. If your lucky you will get the charges dropped or dismissed. If that is the case you may have some luck with?contacting?the various websites and asking them to remove your mugshot. They may request court documentation to prove or verify that your charges were indeed dropped or dismissed. A lot of times this?can?be a hassle as well. If your charges were dropped or dismissed let us know and we can offer you a discount rate and expedite this process for you. Then you can avoid the?frustration?and run around of getting this handled.

Mugshot Avoidance

On the other hand if you have a warrant for your arrest for something like a failure to appear it may be possible to turn yourself in and avoid having your mugshot in the internet. All of the mugshot websites use software to scrape county sheriff websites. They usually only scrape websites of the counties that process a larger number of inmates. That being said if you decide to turn yourself in at a smaller municipality or county in other words somewhere in the sticks chances are you may not have your mugshot placed on the internet in the first place. For example if you live in Florida. Sumter county is not listed on’s website. There is one downside to doing this, you will have to spend more time in jail waiting for transport to the county you have a warrant in. There is no guarantees but it is worth a shot at avoiding the?embarrassment?and risk associated with having your mugshot in the internet.