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Updated 06/29/23
In order to get your mugshot removed from Google you will need to follow the initial steps below. In our experience performing reputation management services on a large scale, these are the most effective steps to remove mugshots from Google.

  • Step 1 – Contact the website publishing the image online and request.
  • Step 2 – Once the image is deleted submit an outdated content request to Google.
  • Step 3 – Enjoy an online reputation restored!

Common Myth #1 Expungement will remove mugshots from Google. When expungement eligibility is determined by the court with jurisdiction, an individual can file a petition with the court that heard the case. Once the expunge process is finished, the mugshot will be removed from public records…This is FALSE.

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Ways To Remove Mugshots and Personal Information From Mugshot Sites

Submit An Image Takedown Request Directly To Google To Remove Arrest Records

Once a piece of personal information is removed from a website you can send a request to Google to have it taken out of online results from Google search. This will remove the website’s URL from results. Use this link to submit a request to Google:
This will get the content removed from Google’s search cache and stop it from appearing online. Google periodically updates its cache when it revisits pages to check for updates and will remove online info that is outdated.

Google’s purge of legacy mugshot websites from their algorithm has helped stop the publication of the jail records of many individuals online. It’s a good idea to check Bing as well since they have an algorithm that allows lower-quality results and spam to appear in their results. A booking photo, or criminal arrest record online, can cost you a job opportunity, potential relationships, a business venture, or diminished community standing.

Submit Your Request Directly To The Website Before Contacting Google

Remove mugshots from Google by reaching out to the web pages containing your arrest information is the first step.

Documentation To Submit to Get Your Mugshot Removal:

Our clients have had success removing mugshots from Google for an alleged crime by providing documentation related to the favorable outcome of their case. Court documentation can include any of the following:

  • A final disposition letter from the attorney general or county prosecutor of not guilty.
  • Court records showing the criminal charges were dropped, dismissed (nolle prossed), or not filed.
  • A letter from an attorney stating that your record was expunged, restricted, or sealed by the courts for any crime committed.

remove mugshots from google

Remove Online Mugshots From Mugshot Websites

Removing Mugshots from the Internet on will remove personal information for free for any of the following reasons: expungement, seal, no information, identity theft, death, not-guilty, dismissal, acquitted, exonerated, pardoned, nolle prosequi, adjudication withheld, no file.
Look up your unique ID on their website and email your documentation to
free texas mugshot removal from search engine results
Go here for more info:
If you get a non-favorable disposition they still will update the image with your case disposition and documentation.

We would not recommend doing this. Any update to the page will possibly make it rank higher. Instead, we would recommend you bury the image online for your name using tactics we discuss regarding reputation management.

Remove Mugshots Online Free From

Remove mugshots from Busted NC Mug Shots is fairly straightforward. Call 252-516-1425 or send an email to

Go to this URL: to view the instructions. NC is only in the state of North Carolina. They will publish the image of anyone who is a resident of that state.
1-844-684-7468 or (813)-421-8334

arrest information removalsThe Space Coast Daily is a news publication serving Melbourne Florida. The Space Coast Daily is an example of how the police blotter industry was started. A legitimate news organization added a mugshot gallery to boost clicks. The resulting additional viewers translate into increased ad dollars from browsing mugshots.

The Space Coast Daily crime blotter section is the most popular part of the news site. Since Space Coast Daily is a legitimate news website they have contact information on their website: You can reach them via phone at 321-615-8111 or 321-323-4460. They also have the email address of:

To get your online mugshots deleted from send an email to:

Removing Your Private Data From 

Get private data deleted from by sending an email to:

Remove Mugshots From Google Published on

Radaris is a data aggregator that scrapes images from the internet along with other data appearing on social media websites and the like. If you have an old image appearing on Radaris you may need to opt out of their data collection as they may show data for many of the people with the same name as you on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Free Mugshot Removals From

To get criminal records removed from simply sent them an email at JAILRECORDS.INFO@GMAIL.COM. All you need to send is the name of the person and the county they were arrested in and allow up to 5 days for deletion of your information.

Deleting your inmate records from appears to be a straightforward process where individuals can request that their crime images be taken down. There is a request form located at this URL:

Instructions for expunged, restricted, sealed, or deceased cases, please send an email to

criminal recordsFor information and instructions for expunged, restricted, sealed, or deceased cases, please send an email to – You can also submit documentation of a dismissal expungement or sealed record to the form on their website and request that an image be taken down.

Delete A DUI Mugshot From Google will remove criminal records for free. Follow the instructions on this page:,, TexasCrimeLog

Contact the website owner Jason Steen of Scoop Media Group, LLC at 931-436-8441. Or you can try reaching out to him via For you can try reaching out to their support email:

How To Remove Mugshots On Google From

removing mugshots from google imagesImages on Busted Newspaper are contingent upon the resolution of your case. Busted Newspaper has an opt-out form from where they accept documentation related to the case disposition.

How To Remove A Mugshot  From Google on

To get your mugshots deleted from complete the contact form they have on their website located here:

Delete Inmate Records From

Write to: This site is run by a UCF Criminal Justice student named Brian Murphy.
Remove Mugshots From The Internet On

You can remove your booking record from by simply emailing them directly using the information below.

How long does it take to opt out?
We try and approve your request as soon as we receive it.
The average time of completing the request is between 24 to 10 business days.

Contact Us –
For record updates, we need:
A) Full Name
B) Full URL with your Name

Removing Mugshots From Google Images Appearing On


Expunge Your Criminal History

Depending on the outcome of your case and the state you were prosecuted in expungement may be an option for you. Every state has different requirements for what type of charges can be expunged or sealed. Your best option is to reach out to your attorney and see what the local prosecutor or court requires in order for your charges to be expunged. Many factors can go into this eligibility including the length of time since the prosecution, the severity of the crime, your criminal history since the prosecution, and more. An expunction will provide more benefit against background checks that are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Hiring decisions are not allowed to be made under federal law from information found online during a Google search. An FBI background check will most likely display any criminal arrest history you have regardless of expunction or efforts from removal services

Reputation Monitoring After Removal Or Data Breaches

After the successful removal of damaging content online, you will want to monitor your reputation to see if any of the harmful content re-appears or gets republished on another third-party website. Personal reputation management once completed is easier to maintain than most people realize. Google offers a free service for anyone to use that will alert them of any new information published that matches a specific search query entered into Google’s free tool called Google Alerts. Once you have set up a Google Alert for your name and location you will instantly be notified of anything new that is published under that specific query.

Final Recap Removals From Google Search.

Our experience executing reputation management strategies and removing mugshots from Google has concluded that the aforementioned methods are your best course of action to remove mugshots.

  • Step 1 – Contact the website publishing the image online and request.
  • Step 2 – Expunge your criminal record if possible to help with removal requests.
  • Step 3 – Once the image is deleted submit an outdated content request to Google.
  • Step 4 – Set up Google Alerts for industry-leading enterprise-level reputation monitoring.

Hiring Mugshot Removal Companies

Hiring mugshot removal companies

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