Illinois Mugshot Removals

Illinois Mugshot Removal Law.

Beginning in 2019 websites that refuse to take down booking photos when requested will face a fine of $100/day until the mugshot is removed. Publishing booking photos online has been illegal in Illinois since 2014 but until now there has not been any penalty for refusing to comply with law.

Also going into effect is a ban on local agencies from publishing photos online for low-level crimes. The Illinois State Police and media outlets are exempt from this part of the law.

The new law spearheaded by state Sen. Steve Stadelman, D-Rockford provides a process for residents to demand their information be updated accordingly when there is an expungement or acquittal.

This law mirrors a majority of the legislation going into effect across the nation as the sunsets on the business of cyber extortion.

Illinois Mugshot Removal Attorney.

Can an Attorney Remove my Online Mugshot? Yes, an attorney can help you get your mugshots removed from the internet but at an extremely high cost. Attorneys are best suited for defending you in court. Navigating the internet and search results is best left to reputation management companies and SEO consultants. Working with a criminal defense lawyer to expunge your record after an arrest can help ensure that your information is kept confidential and is not shared with, or sold to, other mugshot websites. A criminal defense attorney can write a demand letter stating the reasons for requesting the removal of your mugshot A lawyer can also explain the legal ramifications of leaving the mugshot online and so can you using our letter templates.

Does an Expungement Delete an Online Mugshot? Unfortunately, no. An expungement does not delete a mugshot online. A not-guilty plea will not delete your mugshot. As well as a dismissal of the criminal charges will likely not remove your mugshot on the internet. Our nation is founded on the proven fact that many people are innocent until proven guilty. While a mugshot online doesn’t technically mean anything, it certainly does send a signal to individuals who look at photo and it will create an adverse perception. Although it should not function as the case, many individuals will automatically assume someone is guilty of a crime when they see a mugshot.

It is recommended that individuals move forward aided by the expungement with the mugshot removal. Expunged and sealed cases are confidential by state statute and therefore the company, agency, and the search engines are required to remove any trace of one’s arrest. We help make certain that they comply with the requests to have your mugshot removed