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Mugshots.com, a search engine, is a database of official law enforcement records, focusing on booking photographs. The website is positioned as a ‘Google for Mugshots.’ Mugshots.com only deletes or updates records that fall into certain categories.

How to Remove Your Image from Mugshots.com

Please note that OneRep does not have any affiliation with Mugshots.com. Use this guide to remove your record from Mugshots or subscribe to a subscription service that will do it. If you have any questions for Mugshots.com please contact the site directly.

Mugshots.com is allowed to publish court records, criminal records, and booking photos as they are publically available information. The website only removes records in the following situations:

  • The record has been sealed, expunged, or destroyed by court order.
  • The subject of the document is a victim.
  • The subject of the document has died.

If you fall under any of these categories, you may write an email to mugshots.com1@gmail.com and request the removal of your record. You must attach supporting documentation, such as a signed and sealed court document signed by a court official or a certified death certificate signed by the appropriate authority.

If you have a favorable or unfavorable disposition, (not guilty, exonerated/exonerated, pardoned etc.), you can request to update your record. You can request an update to your record. In this case, send an email to docverify1@gmail.com requesting that your record be edited. Attach supporting documentation, such as a court satisfaction document signed by a court official and sealed by judicial seal.

Please note that Mugshots.com can take up to 10 working days to process your request.

How to Contact Mugshots.com

Fill out the Contact Form to contact Mugshots.com if you have any general questions or suggestions.

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About Mugshots.com

Approximate monthly visitors: 375.0K
What Mugshots.com offers: arrest reports, court records, and crime stories.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mugshots.com

How can I remove my information from Mugshots.com?

You can only remove your information from Mugshots.com if it has been expunged or sealed by a court order or if you have been the victim of identity fraud or if the subject of the record is deceased. Write an email to mugshots.com1@gmail.com and include all the supporting legible documentation.
What is Mugshots.com?
Mugshot.com gathers and publishes Official Law Enforcement Records. All records are obtained through public sources, making them accessible for free.