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How To Get Mugshots Removed Online

Learn how to get mugshots removed online. Your online reputation can be determined by images and new stories that appear online. Embarrassing comments and photos can pop up from Facebook and criminal records like arrest information and public mugshots can be accessed and viewed online. Mugshot removal websites have built a business around displaying arrest photos and requesting payment to remove the photos. However, you have many options to remove these images from Google. The arrest of the owners has sent a clear message to mugshot publishers and will soon set precedence in case law regarding this practice.

How Mugshot Websites Work

Mugshot websites scrape arrest photos from county police websites and post them online. Unfortunately, these sites can rank in a search for your name, and mugshots can appear on the first page of your search engine results. This can impact your ability to find? a job, get a date, or get a place to live.

Most mugshot websites make money from advertising first and secondly by charging a fee to remove the image instantly and then republishing it on another of their other websites. Ultimately mugshot websites depend on Google and ranking in a search result for your name.

How Long Do Mugshots Stay On The Internet?

This depends on the website. Some websites will only display it for a certain period of time anywhere from 30 -90 days. The mugshot will appear in a Google search once the web page has been indexed. When a page is deleted it may still appear in Google as well until Google realizes that a page no longer exists. If a person doesn’t do anything about a mugshot it can persist indefinitely on the internet.

If a person is aggressive and starts to build up their own internet presence then a mugshot can fade away into oblivion and future mugshots will be prevented from appearing at all in a search for that person’s name. Some mugshot websites will delete the image if you contact them. Other sites may ask for some sort of documentation but what legitimate authority do they have to ask a private citizen for information about a personal matter?

How to Remove Mugshots from the Internet

Email the website, hosting company, or domain provider, check your local laws and/or build up your online presence.

  • Email the website. Some websites have an opt-out link? Contact them and they may remove your photo. Politely asking a website owner to remove a photo is a good idea. You may be irritated with the situation but don’t try to threaten a site owner
  • Check local laws. Your state may have a law that requires mugshot websites to remove photos. Gener must be taken down within 30 days of being contacted with the request, or they will be in violation of the law. Georgia and Oregon are two states that currently have these laws, and we expect to see more states join their ranks shortly.
  • Build up your web presence. It’s important to have your own content on the web besides social media. A personal website is first and foremost followed by profiles on websites related to professional organizations.

TL;DR. TL;DR – Email the company or hosting/domain provider, check local laws, send a certified letter, build up your search presence.

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