How Our Mugshot Removal Service Works

Remove Mugshots From Internet Search Engines Online.

how-to-delete-a-mugshotOnline reputation management is based on creating ideal professional search results for your Name and/or Business. We offer a complete system for crafting the perfect search results online and assist with creating your own professional website. This will allow you to remove mugshots and other negative information from internet searches for anyone’s name. This works for a variety of negative information from mugshots in Google Images to Newspaper articles on the internet.
Updated 04/07/23

Reputation management firms and professionals start at all different types of rated and generally only offer a campaign for a fixed period of time. We will give you everything you need to implement the most expensive reputation strategy for yourself or your business and remove negative information including mugshots from the internet. You can select our mugshot removal service or Control Your Search to do it yourself. Our mugshot removal process involves contacting the website directly and asking them to remove the image. Next, we begin building out a personal website for you and optimizing it to rank in Google for your name and name variations. Then we begin adding you to high authority social media websites that are trusted by Google and again rank really well online. We optimize media assets as well that we populate online to various websites. After all of your website assets are created and published online we begin to optimize them and start building links to these assets in order to build up their authority on Google. Lastly, we send user data on the web properties to Google using proprietary software that will solidify the images that appear in the filmstrip as well as cement the properties that rank for your name

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  • Hide Mugshots From Potential Bosses
  • Avoid Embarrassing Conversations With Friends and Family Who Google Your Name
  • Keep Past Mistakes Private
  • Protect Yourself From Being Labeled A Criminal
  • Take Immediate Steps To Repair Your Reputation
  • See Results Almost Instantly With Significant Results Within 21 Days
  • We Perform The Exact Service That Reputation Repair Companies Charge Thousands of Dollars For



  • Personal Website Setup
  • Social Media Optimization For Your Chosen Field
  • Includes Reputation Monitoring
  • Complete Your Online Presence