FBI looking at mugshot sites

The FBI is looking at mugshot websites

  • The IC3 is tracking cyber crime trends.
  • The IC3 is receiving?hundreds of complaints from internet users.
  • Removal processes that require court documents or personal information places users at risk for identity theft.

After recieving numerous complaints regarding mugshot websites that publish incorrect or non-public information the FBI and their Internet Crime Complaint division is asking users to submit complaints regarding the various mugshot publishing sites online. The IC3 is aware of many site using similar business practices in charging a fee to remove mugshots from their own websites then re-publishing the image on another website that they own. RemoveMyMugshot.org DOES NOT publish anyone’s pictures on any website, nor are we affiliated with and website that engages in publishing arrest information.

It could be possible that the FBI is investigating some particular websites in its cyber crimes divisions. As we all know the FBI has become pretty adept and shutting down illicit web activity. Sites like SilkRoad have been shut down and the FBI has been able to get behind the TOR network and bust numerous pedophiles. Mugshot websites are operating out in the open and many of the site owners do not hide they fact they are running multiple website. A quick DNS or WHOIS lookup can reveal multiple sites, some are even on the same C-Block IP address.

The IC3 is also warning users that they may be at risk of identity theft when providing a copy of their drivers license, court documents or any personally identifiable information to mugshot sites for removal services. Some victims are reporting that they were juveniles at the time of arrest and that their arrest information is non-public. Other victims are stating that the information was blatantly false. Lastly users were reporting that some sites were not removing information after users paid a fee and threatened to publish more damaging information when users complained. We all know it would only take one raid on a site like mugshots.com to shake up and most likely kill this industry.

Go here to file a complaint against a mugshot publisher -?http://www.ic3.gov/

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