Shady Mugshot Sites Add New Twist

Many states are enacting new laws that make it illegal for anyone to publish a mugshot and then charge to remove it. Georgia, California and Texas all have law on the books that make it illegal to charge for the removal of mugshots. Additional states have laws in the works as well. Unfortunately many of the news sites that publish mugshots are exempt from this rule under the presumption of freedom of press. Also a person would generally be limited to one year under the statue of limitations in regards to pursue any media outlet for legal action.

Well it appears that one way mugshot sites are looking to skirt the new laws involves not removing mugshots at all. Instead of charging a fee for removal which in some states is unlawful. The sites appear to not offer any options to have a picture removed except under certain circumstances. This appears to be happening with more frequency now that these new laws are in place. Could this be the second move in a cat and mouse game between these websites and legislation enacted by lawmakers? As this becomes a more and commonplace will lawmaker be forced to revise their current legislation to make it illegal for anyone other than a municipality to display mugshots.

Such legislation may present a grey area for media outlets that are legitimate since they have reasons to publish the mugshots of a wanted and dangerous criminals. It seems that the scumbags who run the various mugshot sites are still finding ways to exploit freedom of information laws via their shady and deceptive tactics. Consumers still have recourse in and effert to combat these sites. First if you do visit one of these sites DO NOT click and of the ads that appear on the site since this is how they are funded. Secondly do not pay them to remove a mugshot. Instead use Google and figure out how you can bury the negative information or read our website for more information regarding ways in which you can remove and bury a mugshot yourself.