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Join The Petition Against Mugshot Websites

There is a petition on that anyone reading this post should sign. John Mayer has created a petition to create a federal law that would require the removal of mugshots when there is no conviction. We agree that a federal law should be enacted in order to curb the mugshot extortion that is going on currently online. It understandable if dangerous offences like sex offenders and violent felons were listed on a municipality site for the safety and knowledge of the general public. But what we are seeing is a proliferation of extortionist tactics on mugshot websites.

When mugshot appear online many unfortunate things can happen to a person listed on such sites. It can ruin a persons chance of securing a job, starting a relationship or even keep someone form getting a loan. These are serious consequences that can result from the act of publishing a mugshot.

We are asking all of our web visitors to click the link below and sign the petition on in order to stop the actions of mugshot publishers who are trying to profit from someone’s misfortune and arrest record. With every signature we are one step closer to shutting down this unethical business model of mugshot shaming.