Google Penalizes Mugshot Websites

ny times mugshot articleAfter a NY Times article exposing the shady nature of Mugshot websites and the harm, they cause to innocent victims who may have simply been arrested and never convicted of any crime Google has taken steps to demote websites in search listings. For a majority of individuals listed on these websites, this change has been enough to remove the majority of mugshot listings online. Ironically the person profiled in the NY Times article hasn’t his mugshot disappeared from the first page. That seems to be the case for a large number of people as we haven’t seen a decrease in the demand for our product. The fact that our product is effective in the removal of all types of information may also have an impact on that as well.

in addition to the Google penalty, a large number of payment processors have decided to no longer accept payment for mugshot removal. Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover are no longer accepting payment for the mugshot websites although a few have found a way around that. There will always be some payment processor that is willing to handle payments in order to make some money. And a lot of merchants and buyers despise PayPal so I doubt they will even have any effect other than some negative PR for the industry and themselves.

Personally, we have seen a drop on a few different names and it seems that Google’s change will have the farthest-reaching impact out of all the various changes. After all, most people are on Google searching and unless you have a mugshot or are in the industry you most likely won’t even realize that this change has taken place. So kudos to Google for burying these scumbag sites for a majority of the people listed on them. Or methods are 10 times more effective with the new Google update and we look forward to the help in putting these sites out of business once and for all!