How To Delete A Mugshot From The Internet

You can find all of the mugshot websites that you are listed on and pay each website individually to remove the picture from their site. Most will also submit the webpage containing the mugshot to Google for removal from their index too. Since they own the site they can submit the content to Google for removal in the search results. This is really the fastest and easiest way to remove them. Most mugshot sites have a turnaround time of 1 day.

Your second option is to hire a reputation management firm. These firms specialize in a special form of search engine optimization where they push results down for certain keywords. Most of the time businesses and people want to appear high in Google. In either case, the tactics and strategies are very similar for SEO or Reputation Management. These firms have consulting fees that range from 2,000 to 15,000 to manage a client. The quality of services available from these firms can vary widely. Since only the firms know exactly what they are doing and you can’t watch over their shoulder there is no way to know exactly what strategies they are utilizing,

Your final option is to go at it yourself. You can research reputation management and develop your own strategies and game plan for cleaning up the search results for your name. You will need to come up with content and build a website as part of your reputation management plan. We sell a product that will give you a strategy and game plan instantly. If you want to spend some time and save yourself a lot of money we have the option you are looking for.

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