6 New Year Resolutions To Look Good Online in 2016

Remove any mugshots that you still have online. You can buy our download that shows you how or have one of our reputation management specialists remove them for you. You don’t want to start 2016 losing out on opportunities.

Update the most important social media profiles you have. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Prospective employers or potential dating partners will search you out online. Make sure you are putting the image you want forward.

Update and create your own personal website that includes your resume, cover letter and a synopsis of your professional hobbies.

Get professional headshots taken. Professional headshots are a small investment in yourself. You can reuse the images for up to 5 years on multiple social media profiles. We can’t stress enough the difference that professional photos taken with a DSLR make.

Sign up for reputation monitoring service that will alert you to any new information posted online about you or your business.

Start a blog on medium or your own website. A blog is a great way to show thought leadership.