Terms & Conditions

There are no refunds on our Image Suppression and Mugshot Removal Service. However, if we are not able to suppress and/or remove your mugshot from the first page of Google or any search engine including the filmstrip we will gladly give you your money back. We have never found an image that we couldn’t suppress or completely remove. Be sure to review our case studies and real-world examples HERE.

This process takes time and may require up to 3 months to remove images from the search results depending on how many images you have and what type of negative information you want to remove. Most of the time this process is only a few weeks. Things like news articles from media outlets take much longer to suppress than a generic mugshot website.

By completing this purchase you agree that you are the authorized cardholder and user of the account information that you are submitting for this purchase. You also agree to let Incept Technologies LLC, dba. RemoveMyMugshot.org and its employees to create online web profiles using your name and photograph. You also are responsible for deleting these web profiles if you ever desire to do so. You will be given a spreadsheet detailing the login information for all of the website properties for your personal records. We do our diligence to ensure that these web profiles are on websites that are in good taste and professional. We are not responsible for any content placed on any of the websites and encourage you to review the list for any objections.

After two calendar years from the process date of your order, the domain name and email account we set up will expire and go offline. We will gladly transfer the data and domain name to you for your own hosting via a cpanel export. Any other formats will incur a transfer fee of $50.00. Please notify us as soon as you decide you want to transfer the website and domain. If the domain name is allowed to expire we cannot guarantee the transfer of its ownership. We can also maintain the email and hosting account as a part of a reputation monitoring service plan for $20.00 per month if you decide to keep the email account and website active without transferring them to your own hosting account.

Incept Technologies LLC, dba. RemoveMyMugshot.org and its employees will NEVER ask you for personal information such as passwords, PINs, Social Security Numbers and we ask that you never disclose to us any document(s) containing such information.

If your images are related to violent felonies, crimes against the elderly, children, or handicapped individuals we may not be able to offer our services.

We reserve the right to refund your purchase and terminate service with any client at our discretion.

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Revised 11/2021.