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Mugshot Removal Service

Since 2012 we have been helping people remove their mugshot images from Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing. No other company has helped more people than we have. No other mugshot removal service has been online continuously for 9 years. No other mugshot removal company explains the process as we do with videos and links to the website we use to build up your online persona.

Furthermore, we published and explained every tactic used by reputation management companies. This has forced competition (mugshot removal companies) to pivot with fancy websites and new messaging similar to ours. Unlike us, they are still going to force a sales pitch, and hide behind pushy salesmen and hidden domain information.

You can play $5,000 whack-a-mole with them while they republish your image on another website they own. Or Do It Yourself!

Step by step on how to remove a mugshot from a Google search result.

  1. Create online web properties about yourself, a personal website, social media profiles, forum personas, etc.
  2. Optimize the content for these platforms, especially the images.
  3. Upload the optimized content to the newly created platforms.
  4. Manually update the content on the newly created platforms.
  5. Optimize the newly created platforms until they outrank your negative content.

In this video, we explain the whole process of performing reputation management in order to suppress negative information in Google.

In this video, we talk about how Google gathers and organizes information that it displays in a search result.

In this video we take a closer look at the search results for a name or individual person and examine the sites that rank highest.

In this video, we explain how to optimize your images prior to uploading them online. There is certain information that can be embedded in the pictures to make them rank higher.

In this last video, we explain how to set up a personal website and the best practices in order to optimize it for your name.

Use the list below of over 300 websites to begin creating profiles and web properties that will outrank any mugshot website.

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