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Factors That Can Effect Removal

Removing mugshot from the internet is a pretty straightforward concept but there are many variables that go into the removal of such content. First, you need to understand the mindset of someone who chooses to parade around individuals online for personal monetary gains when there are so many ways to earn money online. Some websites and even removal companies hide their domain information. Some websites lay out a clear removal policy with links, other sites have no information. Some websites are dormant and become zombie sites.

Case Disposition

Depending on the outcome of your criminal proceeding you will reach a disposition in your case where an outcome is decided by a jury, a judge, or possibly negotiations between your lawyer and the prosecution or a public defender and the district attorney.

Dismissed, Dropped, Nolle Prosecuti

Basically, the state has decided not to move forward with prosecution.


You were exonerated of your charges.

No Contest

You do not admit guilt nor do you say you are innocent. Generally, a judge is more lenient in cases where the defendant chooses this option which is common for minor traffic offenses.

Sealed, No Record

The resolution of your case has been non-disclosed by the courts.


Your case was sealed based upon the laws of the state the charges were brought in.


If your case is still working its way to a resolution then you may be in a pending status. This is after an arrest but before the court reaches a final disposition or resolution for the charges or alleged criminal activity.


Depending on the website, they remove an image if a person is of a certain status. The statuses listed below are the most common.

Minor or Juvenile

Some mugshot websites have scaped the records of people that are juveniles or minors when they were arrested and booked into a facility. If that is the case the website may remove the image and Google certainly will. Check out more information on how to remove content from Google.


If you can provide certain documentation and are comfortable doing so some websites will remove arrest records with court documentation regarding the disposition of your case. If you decide to go this route be sure to delete personally identifiable information listed on any of the paperwork you submit. YOu never know who is looking at the documentation submitted and you do not want to place yourself at risk of identity theft.

Jason Anderson
September 14, 2023

This company truly assists people in regaining control of their lives, as they promptly removed my mugshots from Google. Their dedication to client service sets them apart.

Willie Gonzales
September 12, 2023

My previous online reputation was tarnished by negative information that was publicly available on websites. This negatively impacted my professional opportunities and personal relationships. Fortunately, I discovered their services. They successfully eliminated the damaging content from these websites and greatly enhanced my digital presence. The peace of mind I now enjoy is truly unmatched!

Joseph Wilson
September 1, 2023

I discovered my mugshot on search engines like Bing and Yahoo, causing many personal and professional issues. They were thorough and diligent in helping me remove this information. Their commitment to their clients is truly commendable. I can now move forward without that unnecessary burden.

Jennifer Smith
August 30, 2023

I can't thank them enough! It's refreshing to see a company that truly wants to help people in need of reputation management.

Liam Jones
August 28, 2023

I was extremely worried when I found my mugshot on Twitter. Not only was it affecting my relationships but it also damaged my standing in society. I turned to them and they have done an amazing job! They've helped me regain my privacy and confidence. Highly recommended!

Elijah Jones
August 14, 2023

When your past mistakes get shown to everyone, it can really hurt your business. When I saw my mugshot on a bunch of other websites, I felt like everything was going downhill. Luckily, they came to the rescue. They quickly got rid of my mugshots, giving my business the chance to do well. What they did is incredibly valuable!

Edward Davis
August 11, 2023

The team at Removemymugshot genuinely cares about helping their clients. Their services are more effective than any attorney I've consulted. Thanks to them, my mugshots are gone from Bing and Yahoo. Their contribution to restoring my reputation has been invaluable.

Ethan Anderson
August 9, 2023

As someone who has worked hard to turn my life around, it was devastating to see my old mugshot popping up on Facebook and causing issues with my housing application. They were quick, professional, and ensured my information was removed. It’s a breath of fresh air not having that cloud hanging over me anymore.

Patrick Hayes
August 7, 2023

After many sleepless nights, I stumbled upon them. Their services go beyond what most attorneys offer and focus on reputation management, a critical need in this digital age. My mugshots are no longer in search results, and I couldn't be happier.

Jerry Foster
August 3, 2023

They are a lifesaver! I was having a hard time finding employment due to my past arrest records being so readily available on Google. After using their services, I saw immediate changes. I'm relieved to see that my past mistakes aren't the first thing potential employers see about me anymore. Couldn't be happier!

Luca Palmer
July 21, 2023

Their attention to detail during the removal process was outstanding. They efficiently eliminated multiple booking photos and removed my name from various websites and search engines, exceeding my expectations. Their service was both efficient and discreet, and I am incredibly pleased with the outstanding results achieved.

A Google User
July 17, 2023

Alex and his team successfully assisted me in recovering from a domestic violence incident. They swiftly erased online arrest records, leaving no evidence of that unfortunate period. Their team's compassion and understanding were remarkable, and their service was exceptional.

Zac Stevens
July 12, 2023

As an individual who made a mistake in the past, RemovedMyMugshot was a godsend. Not only have they deleted arrest records, but they have also managed to remove any traces of my past from social media. Now, I'm able to focus on the future without any embarrassing mugshot lurking online.

Cyrus Riggs
July 12, 2023

After a regrettable incident years ago, my mugshot appeared online from a data broker website called Radaris. I felt like my past was always catching up with me. Until I found Alex’s company, their mugshot removal service is fantastic, and they work discreetly to ensure the whole process is hassle-free. I can now confidently go on with my life, knowing my past mistakes won't resurface.

Brice Robbins
July 10, 2023

They are a lifesaver! I'm a private individual and having my booking information plastered all over the internet was a nightmare. Their mugshot removal service is quick, efficient, and most importantly, effective. They've given me back my peace of mind.

Alan Diaz
July 7, 2023

In a world where our digital reputation is crucial, having a company like RemoveMyMugshot is invaluable. They did exactly what they said they would - deleted arrest records, and took my mugshot off the web. Their team was thorough, effective, and fast. I wholeheartedly recommend their services!

Harry Chambers
July 5, 2023

I was terrified when my assault case went public, and my mugshot was all over the internet. Thanks to them, my nightmare ended quickly. They were professional, understanding, and best of all - they deleted my HCSO arrest record promptly. It feels great to finally have control over my personal information again.

Zac Stevens
July 3, 2023

As an individual who made a mistake in the past, RemovedMyMugshot was a godsend. Not only have they deleted arrest records, but they have also managed to remove any traces of my past from social media. Now, I'm able to focus on the future without any embarrassing mugshot lurking online.

Erika Rollins
July 3, 2023

The service is really good. I had an old DWLSR from Arizona that kept appearing online, and it was affecting my personal and work life. This group not only got rid of that annoying mugshot but also made sure my name was no longer shown on different search engines. Now I can relax knowing that my past isn't troubling me on the internet.

Zac Stevens
June 30, 2023

As an individual who made a mistake in the past, RemovedMyMugshot was a godsend. Not only have they deleted arrest records, but they have also managed to remove any traces of my past from social media. Now, I'm able to focus on the future without any embarrassing mugshot lurking online.

Charles Ball
June 27, 2023

They demonstrated great attention to detail in their removal procedure. They successfully eliminated numerous booking photos and erased my name from multiple websites and search engines, surpassing my expectations. Their service was both efficient and secretive - I am extremely pleased with the outcomes achieved.

Timothy Ortiz
June 26, 2023

I had a DUI in Wake County a few years ago that was hampering my job prospects due to the presence of my mugshot online. They came to my rescue. They successfully deleted arrest records and ensured my online image is now clean. They also ensured my mugshot was de-indexed from Google and Bing. I am truly grateful for their professional and effective service.

A Google User
June 22, 2023

It is an excellent service. I had an old DWLSR from Arizona that kept popping up online, and it was impacting my personal and professional life. This team not only removed that nagging mugshot but also ensured my name was cleared from various search engines. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that my past isn't haunting me online.

Joel Bradley
June 9, 2023

I was skeptical at first about using RemoveMyMugshot, but I must say that their content removal service is worth every penny! The team worked swiftly and professionally to delete my arrest records online and from search results. Now, I no longer worry about prospective employers stumbling upon that information during a Google search.

Edward Davidson
April 27, 2023

I was constantly worried about my mugshot popping up in a Google search, but their mugshot removal services gave me peace of mind. They deleted my arrest records from the internet.

Evan Jones
April 26, 2023

I was so ashamed of my arrest record, the team at RMM were able to remove my mugshot from all the major search engines. They are the best in handling Deleted Arrest Records.

Jacob Dean
April 25, 2023

I was skeptical at first, but they really came through for me. They were able to get my mugshot removed from several different websites, and now I feel so much better knowing that it's not out there for everyone to see. I also didn't have them trying to upsell me on other reputation management services.

Alan Fisher
April 21, 2023

I had no idea that my mugshot was floating around the internet until I did a quick search. Their removal service helped me regain control of my online presence. The team was professional and prompts in removing my photos from various websites. Highly recommend!

Martin Palmer
April 20, 2023

RemoveMyMugshot is a lifesaver! My mugshot was affecting my job search. Thanks to them my photo was taken down from multiple sites.

David Watts
April 18, 2023

Thanks to RemoveMyMugshot, I'm no longer burdened by my pas mistakes. They deleted my arrest record from the internet.

Tristian Bolton
April 11, 2023

I never thought I'd be able to remove my mugshot from the internet, but their team made it possible. They were so helpful and answered all my questions.

Archie Porter
April 10, 2023

If you're struggling with a mugshot or other negative information online, don't hesitate to reach out to this company, Their techniques are based on years of experience in SEO and reputation management.

Ava Brown
April 7, 2023

I had a mugshot that was causing me a lot of anxiety, but thanks to RemoveMyMugshot, it's now completely gone from Google search results.

Olivia Wilson
April 6, 2023

Their team did a great job. Their experience in deleting arrest records and reputation management is unmatched.

Ashton Reese
March 17, 2023

This company is the best in the business. I never thought my arrest record could be removed from the internet, but RemoveMyMugshot made it happen.

Joe Chapman
March 13, 2023

I am so grateful for the services that they provided.

Miguel Levine
March 10, 2023

I was very impressed with the results I got from their team. They were able to remove my mugshot from the internet.

Luca Austin
March 9, 2023

They were able to remove my mugshot from the internet within a few days. I highly recommend their services to anyone online.

Robert Suarez
March 8, 2023

The team at RemoveMyMugshot are amazing!

Aaron Turner
February 17, 2023

Erased all of my mug shots.

Dominic Reid
February 16, 2023

They do what they say.

Lionel Warren
February 15, 2023

Alex answered all my questions, Thank you.

Kellen Rice
February 14, 2023

After a false arrest they removed my booking information that was online.

Cole Ryan
February 13, 2023

I was able to get my life back. Thank You!

Susan Hatch
January 12, 2023

Cheaper and faster than Panella. 👍

Roberto Minks
January 11, 2023

They helped me use the Florida Law to get rid of a mugshot online.

Maria Duncan
January 10, 2023

Alex was helpful and knew more than my attorney about removing a mugshot.

Mark Brooks
January 9, 2023

Removed expunged arrest records that appeared online.

Lynn Blum
January 8, 2023

Discreet service that quickly resilved my issue.

Alex Adekola
April 3, 2022
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