1. Why is my mug shot on a website?

Your mug shot is a public record and someone scraped information from the arresting agency’s website and republished it on their website in order to get clicks and advertising revenue.

2. How much does it cost?

To remove one mugshot, websites charge anywhere from $799 – $2499. Reputation management companies start around $3,000 – $5,000. We can show you how to remove all of your mugshots from the internetWe can also complete the process for you at half the cost of a traditional reputation management firm.

3. How does this work?

Google uses an algorithm to display the most?relevant?and trustworthy websites for any search query. First, we show you how to get a mugshot removed from Google. Then we show you how to place your information on certain sites that are more trustworthy and relevant than mugshot websites. Then you can bury, delete, and replace all mugshot websites and image results in a search for your name.

4. What’s in the Mugshot Removal DIY Solution?

We can’t give away the farm but you will receive a series of instructional videos that will show you step by step how reputation management firms bury content in the search engines, you will learn basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization = manipulating search engine results), there is a detailed case study showing you exactly how search engines are reading the HTML on web pages that appear for your name. You will get 2 videos showing you how to submit content for deletion on Google the CORRECT way. Lastly, you will get resources that will help you succeed in the entire process, along with a simple software download from a third-party site. More videos on how to use the software to assist you in getting rid of your mugshots, and finally another bonus that I won’t mention here.

5. Will Google delete my mugshot?

I can’t promise that Google will do anything since we do not work for them nor have any type of relationship with them. But we can show you exactly how you should submit each of your mugshots to Google when requesting that they be removed from search results, thus making your chance of getting them deleted significantly higher.

6. Do I need to be tech-savvy?

No, this process requires knowledge of email, a web browser, and some free time.

7. Can I speak to someone?

Yes, call us at 844.684.7468 or chat with us using the box on the lower right-hand corner of our website.

8. How long will it take to remove my mugshot?

We can’t say for sure, but Google updates its rankings daily and the sooner you get started the quicker you can remove it. Typically you will see results within a few days and the results last forever.

9. Why is your record removal method better?

We offer a solution at a fraction of the cost that takes care of all mugshots. This will also prevent any mugshots from appearing when new websites publish the image or you ever have an interaction with law enforcement that generates an arrest record or new mugshot. This will also work in removing other harmful information that you don’t want to appear for your name. We allow you to take control of your name on the web. Lastly, you avoid paying the mugshot websites preventing them from making a profit on your misfortune. Removing it from the search results prevents people from clicking on it which gives mug-shot website operators web traffic and advertising revenue.

10. Why is the Step By Step Training cost less than the Mugshot Removal Service?

Well if you have ever built your own home you know that the blueprints cost a lot less than the actual construction of your house. The download will lay everything out step by step but you actually do the work or farm it out to someone. With the service, we do the work for you so it cost substantially more.

11. My case was dropped and my record was sealed or expunged why is my mug shot still up there?

Mugshot websites do not follow up on the status of your case. Mugshot websites use automated software to scrape and publish mugshots and do not attempt to keep accurate information on their websites.

12. What about removing them from Bing/MSN and Yahoo?

Unfortunately there currently is no way to submit web pages to Bing/MSN or Yahoo for deletion. Fortunately, not many people use those search engines, and the techniques used on Google work extremely well on other search engines.

13. Is this only for Florida?

Nope. This will work in any state. We do optimize for Florida since they have very strong public record laws and many sites focus on Florida as well.

14. What happens if this doesn’t work?

We stand behind our product 100%. If you follow all of the steps and your mugshots will disappear from search results or you can request your money back. No questions asked. However, we offer no refunds on our mugshot removal service unless we are not able to remove the image from internet search results.