Expert Witness

If you have been a victim of a mugshot website and are looking for an expert witness in your tort case we are available as a resource to you.

An expert witness is an objective party tasked with unraveling and explaining the technical, scientific, or theoretical complexities of a legal case. The expert witness doesn’t advocate for one side or the other, regardless of who is paying for their services. The witness is tasked with explaining the facts without attempting to influence the outcome of the case.

That said, your attorney might advise hiring an expert witness if they feel that doing so will give you the best chance of a favorable outcome and maximize any damages you could receive. Without an expert’s input, the court might not have sufficient information to fully appreciate and properly evaluate your position in the case.

Non-testifying experts can be a boon to attorneys who have been tasked with vetting other expert witnesses. Depending on the complexity of the issue at hand—the quickly evolving field of internet defamation and harassment, for example—your attorney might not be equipped to decide who the best person is to testify as an expert in your case. As an insider in their industry, a non-testifying expert can review potential experts’ publications, studies, and analyses to help your attorney decide which ones are sufficiently accurate, persuasive, and reliable to be of use to you and the court.

A non-testifying expert can also serve as a sort of understudy for the testifying expert witness. In other words, in the event of an emergency, the non-testifying expert can be “promoted” and take the stand in their stead. Furthermore, the non-testifying expert’s opinion can be used to supplement that of a testifying expert, if needed, provided all the rules of discovery have been adhered to. If the non-testifying expert ultimately does not need to take the stand, they will not be deposed and need not be formally identified to the court or to the opposing party.