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Removing Your Mugshot From Busted Newspaper.com

What Is The Busted Newspaper?

BustedNewspaper.com is the sister-site of Mugshots.zone. If you take a look at both websites closely you will notice that they share some of the same exact copy verbatim. Busted News Paper is a third-party website for publishing mugshots online to generate ad revenue from the traffic generated by individual searches for people.

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Why Is Busted Newspaper Publishing My Arrest Details Online?

Your mugshot is likely to be available online as it is part of your police record. Mugshots, police records, and other public documents are available online. Your police record should be made available to anyone who requests it. You can request it in a variety of ways. You could, for example, ask the police department directly. People can ask for it through the court that handles the case, an online offender tracking program, or a background check. Anyone can request information in several ways. This means that any website may post this information, as long as it does not release any information considered confidential or private. Information that is not part of the public record, or that has been expunged, is not allowed to go public.

Removing My Personal Booking Information and Inmate Details From BustedNewspaper.com

You can remove your mugshot if you are innocent or a court has found you not guilty. You can also remove your mugshot if you are found guilty but have proof that the case has been closed or you have served all the punishments assigned.

BustedNewspaper.com didn’t appear overnight. The administrators and/or owners behind the arrest record search website and mugshot gallery have taken some time to create an impressive online publication that features a massive collection of over 5,000,000 arrest mugshots from county jails, sheriff offices, and other miscellaneous. The arresting agencies are located in Alabama, Florida Indiana Kentucky Mississippi North Carolina Ohio South Carolina Tennessee Texas, and Virginia.

How To Delete Your Mugshot From Busted Newspaper

Busted Newspaper is monetized primarily using AdSense. The more visitors a website receives, then the more money they are likely to make. The more web pages a website like BustedNewspaper.com publishes and presents on search engine results the more visitors they are likely to attract. Busted Newspaper does not respond to arrest removal requests from individuals who do not have the proper court documentation. Remove your mugshot from Busted Newspaper using the link below: