Arrest Record Suppression

Removing a mugshot is an uncertain and irritating process to endure. An unknown individual is causing grief to millions of innocent people for their own personal monetary gain. This image can trigger job loss, bullying, eviction, and rejection. Paying a company that works directly with a mugshot publisher to remove the images isn’t going to solve the problem either. Preventing that image from becoming visible on any platform is the ideal long-term and permanent way to end the financial incentive to publish mug shots under the pretense of public record laws. There are many websites that anyone can create a presence on that will outrank mugshot websites on domain authority alone. This simply means that there are many websites that Google trusts more. Think vs Think Reddit vs WhoGotBusted. Think vs Starting out with your own website is a great way to lay a solid foundation for what Google tells the world about you. Then building out a web presence on trusted web platforms with a link back to your website tells Google what information to trust when displaying results about you.
Suppressing negative information online with our extensive cumulative experience of over 25+ years Suppress news articles that media outlets and news/tabloid publications and/or editors refuse to delete or edit stories that are factually incorrect or present false information about you, your case, circumstances, or the outcome of your police interaction. Large and smaller media outlets in general like to publish stories about alleged criminal activity due to the nature of web visitors who like to read crime stories. Those types of viewers tend to click on advertisements, share these stories on social media and linger longer than a typical reader who enjoys sports or business news.

Allow us with our proprietary software, web properties, and optimization techniques flood search engines with positive and uplifting thus reducing the visibility of negative information until it is virtually invisible to casual searchers that may include potential dates, employers, landlords, or prospective business colleagues.