Suppression and Removal Customer Agreement

PR Release and Suppression Customer Agreement (#7)

This is an agreement between Incept Technologies LLC, DBA, and the client named below:

Incept Technologies LLC, DBA will work to remove arrest records that appear online. We will also build up your online presence as described below.

We will build you a personal website using the WordPress CMS platform and optimize it using schema, open graph tags, site map, optimized title tags, and meta descriptions to rank in a search for your name including its variations i.e FirstName LastName / FirstNameMiddleLastName and a location identifier in one US city.

We will create and syndicate a press release online and optimize it to rank for your name.

We will populate that website with A.I. generated content based on your LinkedIn profile and Intake Form. We will use photos provided by you and/or stock photography and A.I.-generated images. The images we use will have their EXIF data optimized along with the file name. We will upload these images on a minimum of 400 websites and up to 800+ websites depending on the strategy implemented. 

You are responsible for deleting or updating the web profiles after they are created if you wish to do so. We will register and maintain domain names that are an exact or close match to your real name in order to publish your personal website. All web properties created by us will be transferred to you. You will be given access to the CPanel, webmail, WordPress account, and web profiles.

We will register and keep this domain valid for a period of 2 years after which it will be transferred to you or renewed by us at no cost if you continue to host your website with us at a cost of $10.00/month. This $10.00 fee only applies if you wish to continue hosting your website with us after the initial 24 months. All web properties created by us will be transferred to you.

We will also host your website for the initial 2 years as part of our service to you. There will be an email account created to manage the profiles, You will have access to the website, CPanel hosting, web profiles, and email account.

The web profiles we build will link back to your website and be optimized to rank in search engines by methods not limited to link building, and/or user behavior emulation using a combination of software and real internet users around the world.

It will take up to 20 business days to get the initial profiles completed. 10 business days to get the website and email account set up, indexed, and live on the internet. It will take a period on 3 – 6 weeks for the optimization process to be completed. 

We will request that your arrest records be deleted from mugshot website publishers immediately along with any other web properties that we find online as well.

We guarantee that the content we generate will outrank any negative results i.e arrest records or mugshots on the first page of Bing and Google.

We will provide a spreadsheet detailing the URLs of all the webs properties that we create for you

We will periodically monitor the search results for your name to ensure that the content we created is ranking well, and no new arrest records have been indexed ranking above the 3rd page for your results. Meaning that any arrest record ranking > 20 will initiate additional suppression and removal methods mentioned above.

We will attempt to remove any additional arrest records that appear online for your name. We can not guarantee that these results will be removed since we do not own or have control of any websites that publish arrest records. But every effort will be made to suppress results that can not be removed. This also includes submitting requests to 3rd party platform owners not limited to but including hosting companies, social media companies, and search engines.

There are no refunds for our Image Suppression and Mugshot Removal Service. However, if we are not able to suppress and/or remove your mugshot from the first page of Google or any search engine including the filmstrip we will gladly give you your money back. We have never found an image that we couldn’t suppress or completely remove. 

This process takes time and may require up to 3 months to remove images from the search results depending on how many images you have and what type of negative information you want to remove. Most of the time this process is only a few weeks. Things like news articles from media outlets take much longer to suppress than a generic mugshot website.

By completing this purchase you agree that you are the authorized cardholder and user of the account information that you are submitting for this purchase. You also agree to let Incept Technologies LLC, dba. and its employees to create online web profiles using your name and photograph. We do our diligence to ensure that these web profiles are on websites that are in good taste and professional. We are not responsible for any content placed on any of the websites and encourage you to review the list for any objections.

We will gladly transfer the data and domain name to you for your own hosting via a CPanel export. Any other formats will incur a transfer fee of $50.00. Please notify us as soon as you decide you want to transfer the website and domain.

If the domain name is allowed to expire we cannot guarantee the transfer of its ownership. We will notify you before the domain expires

Incept Technologies LLC, dba. and its employees will NEVER ask you for personal information such as passwords, PINs, or Social Security Numbers and we ask that you never disclose to us any document(s) containing such information.

Our service does NOT include the removal of civil public records from sites like but not limited to Unicourt, data aggregators, financial websites that disclose PPP loan data, and data aggregators like Acxiom, BeenVerified, Classmates, Intelius, InstantCheckmate, PeekYou, Radaris, Spokeo, Truthfinder, WhitePages, ZoomInfo, etc.

Our services are intended to alter search results appearing online in Search Engines. Our services have no effect on formal background checks that are conducted under the FCRA that involve national, federal, state, or county databases.

If your images are related to violent felonies, crimes against the elderly, children, or handicapped individuals we may not be able to offer our services.

We reserve the right to refund your purchase and terminate service with any client at our discretion. is powered by Incept Technologies, LLC.

Alex Adekola

Reputation Manager

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