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How do I get my mugshot removed from Google?

How can I get my mugshot removed from the internet?

Unfortunately, this online industry profits from the misfortune of others and is often quite distasteful – this means that it is difficult to have an image removed. In most cases, paying a fee will result in the image being removed, but this is no guarantee that it will be gone from the internet forever. Whether you want to try to remove your mugshot yourself, or you don’t want to try to remove your arrest records and mugshots yourself but want to pay a mugshot removal service to do it, we’ve taken the liberty of identifying the best ways to remove mugshots and arrest records from the internet for free and the best mugshot removal services. Even if you have your records sealed or expunged, which means your case is confidential and a company should remove all traces of your arrest, a mugshot will not necessarily be deleted online.

How can I have my mugshot removed from Google?

If complete removal or deindexation is not possible, the next best solution for most clients is search suppression. This can be done even if you did not commit the offense, if you were found not guilty or if the charges against you were dropped. In short, no one wants a mugshot to appear in every Google search, and that’s why mugshot removal services like ours can be a godsend. Online companies try to profit from this situation, which is why a mugshot can be found on several different websites.


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