Case Study #1 | Google Images Search
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Initially this individual had 6 mugshots appearing in a search for their name online. The resulting cost to remove each mugshot would be over $800. Plus there is a chance that your mugshot may get republished on a sister or site or another mugshot website in their network. Then you would have to pay a second time for removal. That brings the new total to $1200. A reputation management firm that has capable staff that isn’t over worked will Start you at $2500. Our system which you can easily purchase and download only costs $39.99 


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After two weeks only 4 mugshots we still appearing for his name. This included an aggressive approach by the individual as he was actively searching for employment. After taking steps listed in our reputation management this individual was able to quickly reduce the number of mugshots appearing in a search for his name. The charges were also and unusual which prompted this individual to want these mugshots removed from the internet.


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After the sixth week of engaging in our reputation management system only one picture remained which was a copy of the a mugshot someone downloaded from the internet and reposted on a private website hosted online. Unfortunately that can happen when you have mugshots online in the public domain anyone who doesn’t like you can come along and copy or screenshot them. In order to preserve and protect your reputation you need to get any mugshots off the internet as soon as you can.


Case Study #2 | Google Organic Results
This individual held a position in a public place and dealt directly with the community in a relationship in which she is entrusted by them. This was brought to her attention to her by someone at her place of employment. The charge is a common one that we see a lot. Also in this results page we have images appearing with organic listing for the pages containing the mugshot. So if a searcher looks at the pictures they would instantly see multiple images of the individual appearing on the internet. Then each of the text listings placed below the images link directly to the webpages containing the actual mugshot themselves. This is  a difficult case as we have both images appearing and actual webpages showing. There is no information available about this persons reputation other than her arrests.

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After 5 Weeks of using our reputation management techniques this individual was able to remove her mugshots completely from the first page of Google. In this particular situation the person created a personal website and uploaded pictures in order to replace the pictures contained in the top 5. This method proves to be the quickest and most effective. The creation of your own website and the purchase of your own domain helps you take control over a large portion of the search results in a quick and simple fashion. Many of our users are unfamiliar with the purchase of a domain name and setup of a website. We offer a web service that includes a free website in addition to social media / reputation managements. Opting for this plan helped complete some of the tasks for reputation management. 

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