In The Furture 3D Mugshots From DNA May Be Possible.


In a new breakthrough scientist have found the genes used to define facial features in humans. One day leaving a hair or any DNA at a crime scene will be

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Woman Sues Mugshot Websites


A woman from Pasco county Florida has filed suit agains a mugshot website that is exploiting her mugshot image online. ?In a complain filed in the Hillsborough County Court by

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Pinellas County Sheriff Hides Mugshots


Thursday January 9, 2014 the new year started off with another blow to mugshot website publishers. The Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri announced that today booking photos will no longer

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6 Ways Mugshots Online Will Ruin Your Life


1. They will end your career if seen by a Manager, Boss, or Coworker. 2. They will prevent you from getting a new job or opportunity if seen by a

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A Month Later…The NY Times Fallout


It's been over a month since the Google update on mugshot websites. While many of the mugshot websites are tight lipped as to the effect the changes have made you

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Free Mugshot Removal is the LAW in TEXAS


The Texas state legislature has passed a new state law that requires mugshot companies to take down your mugshot if you make a non disclosure request per SECTION 1. Subtitle

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3 ways to delete a mugshot from the internet.


You can find all of the mugshot websites that you are listed on and pay each website individually to remove the picture form their site. Most will also submit the

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Google Penalizes Mugshot Websites


After a NY Times article exposing the shady nature of Mugshot websites and the harm they cause to innocent victims who may have simply been arrested and never convicted of

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Google can recognize your photos.


In an effort to step up it's Google Plus social network with advanced features that dwarf Facebook picture can now be auto tagged by Google. After all who likes to

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