Remove A Mugshot

Why would you want to delete a mugshot?

Mugshots are not only embarrassing to the person who was arrested, but they also might be an invasion of your privacy. Even if you were accused of committing a minor crime, your mugshot is still on the internet for anyone to download and circulate.

How would you like to delete your mugshot? This blog will describe how.

Links For Mugshot Removal

Our do-it-yourself mugshot removal solution has been great for those looking to remove mugshots without giving money to the same companies that are publishing the mugshots. It is also a very affordable solution compared to companies like internet reputation that want to charge thousands of dollars to remove mugshots and will even exaggerate the situation …

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FBI looking at mugshot sites

The FBI is looking at mugshot websites

The IC3 is tracking cyber crime trends. The IC3 is receiving?hundreds of complaints from internet users. Removal processes that require court documents or personal information places users at risk for identity theft. After recieving numerous complaints regarding mugshot websites that publish incorrect or non-public information the FBI and their Internet Crime Complaint division is asking …

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dui-mugshot online

How To Avoid A DUI

Some people may argue that we are encouraging drunk driving by publishing this post. We get a large number of requests for mugshot removals regarding DUI’s. A lot of times you can be over the limit without being impaired. The keyword here is impaired. If you are impaired you are more likely to let on …

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Woman Sues Mugshot Websites

A woman from Pasco county Florida has filed suit agains a mugshot website that is exploiting her mugshot image online. ?In a complain filed in the Hillsborough County Court by Megan Simmons, she claims the website Instant Checkmate is exploiting her mugshot for promotional purposes without compensation or authorization. InstantCheckmate is a website used for …

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Texas Mugshot Removal

Texas Mugshot Laws Will Help With Removal of Arrest Records With the newly enacted legislation. Texas residents have legal backing to demand images be removed by mugshot publishers online. Texas legislature passed a law demanding mugshot sites remove mugshots when they receive a nondisclosure petition via a written request sent by USPS certified mail. Getting …

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Google Penalizes Mugshot Websites

After a NY Times article exposing the shady nature of Mugshot websites and the harm, they cause to innocent victims who may have simply been arrested and never convicted of any crime Google has taken steps to demote websites in search listings. For a majority of individuals listed on these websites, this change has been …

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Google can recognize your photos.

Online A.I. Image Recognition Technology is Rapidly Advancing In an effort to step up its Google Plus social network with advanced features that dwarf Facebook pictures can now be auto-tagged by Google. After all who likes to type redundant information when computers can do it? The real question is how long before this feature makes …

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Cheapest Mugshot Removal Solution is not affiliated with any of the mugshot websites you see online and that is how we can offer the cheapest mugshot removal solution. The solution came into fruition as a result of our co-founder having a bench warrant for a missed court date and an ensuing mugshot that appeared online as a result …

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